D.C.’s dispensaries have been up and running for three months now, but thus far only 59 patients are on the registry of legal buyers.

“So far, all we have been doing is bleeding cash,” said Bob Simmons of Alternative Solutions.

Washington DC That’s right, medical marijuana dispensaries are operating at a loss in America’s capital. Why? Well, according to the Washington Post: “The city’s pioneering dispensaries say they are losing money; doctors remain fearful to write prescriptions; and patients with HIV or cancer who may legally obtain the drug say they have been stymied by lengthy applications and warnings that the purchases remain illegal under federal law.

Those were among the many warnings that advocates for a robust medical marijuana program ticked off Monday at a hearing, as they urged D.C. council members to relax the city’s strict medical marijuana standards.”

The myriad of issues is more complex than it appears, which is saying something. Doctors aren’t just afraid to write prescriptions; most doctors aren’t able to prescribe marijuana in D.C. In fact, only 39 of roughly 1,400 doctors have even filled out the paperwork.

So while there’s still growing excitement around the headway being made with medical marijuana, it appears there’s plenty to be cautious of. Legalization isn’t the end of the matter, at least not for D.C. Hopefully lawmakers will amend the problems soon and get things back on track. Until then, you’ll have better luck in Colorado or Washington.


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