Type: Sativa.Maui Waui strain

Genetics: Hawaiian land sativas.

Appearance: Frosted green with deep orange.

Smell: Sweet and fruity.

Potency: Mild.

Taste: Sweet, light citrus tones.

Summary: While Maui Waui isn’t what it once was, it’s definitely worth picking up.


The Maui Waui strain is near-legendary in the stoner community. Also known as Maui Wowie, it used to be a very prominent sativa. Generations of breeding with indicas though have weakened it somewhat, turning it more into a hybrid strain and resulting in mental and physical effects. While it still gives the euphoria and energy that made it so famous, it also mixes that with feelings of couch-lock and hunger. It’s also not as potent as it used to be, with the high lasting about an hour and a half and not hitting very hard making it just a 4/5 star rating.

If you like Maui Waui, you’d probably like the strain Purple Power as well. Check it out!


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