For the 2014 Super Bowl Intuit, a corporation that promotes small businesses, decided to run a contest for a free commercial slot. The contest, billed as “Small Business, Big Game” would take course over several rounds with a process to whittle down contestants. NORML, a non-profit advocacy organization that met the contest criteria (under 50 employees, small business or non-profit, etc.) quickly submitted a commcercial.

And at first things looked great. NORML swept the first round, which was conducted by voting. 15,000 entries were narrowed down with NORML in first place.

But then the second round came. Conducted through voting again, seeing who was leading was no longer open to the public. Votes were tallied and kept hidden with only Intuit seeing the results. And when they announced the 20 contestants moving onto Round 3, NORML wasn’t in the mix.

NORML has its hands in a lot of different matters, but the Intuit incident seems to be taking priority right now.

“It is unfortunate that Intuit seems to be relying more on outdated political values instead of overwhelming public opinion when it comes to selecting which entries advanced in their contest,” said NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “As demonstrated by the outpouring of support and positive media coverage for our entry, the country was ready and eager to see an ad for sensible marijuana law reforms during the most watched TV program of the year. This could’ve been a win for all groups involved, but instead Intuit will likely have only generated ill will for itself amongst the 58% of Americans who now support ending our country’s war on marijuana.”

Intuit has yet to make a comment on the matter. People are skeptical that the organization that was first in popularity suddenly got beaten out by 20 other groups. Either way, NORML should continue to get media exposure from the debacle, though that’s a sore consolation prize to having a Super Bowl ad.

Keep an eye out for more marijuana news as we keep you updated.


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