The latest Gallup poll is in and the results are astounding; a staggering 58% of Americans are in favor of legalization. Compare that to the first legalization poll Gallup did back in 1969 when only 12% supported the idea.Gallup Poll

Gallup is a research company widely known for their public opinion polls. Considered to be an impartial, accurate representation of trending American opinions, Gallup polls are used by politicians and researchers as valid indications of current social attitudes.

This is only the third Gallup poll of the year, but it may be the most significant. The only other impactful marijuana-centric poll in 2013 was in August, when it was found that roughly 38% of Americans have tried marijuana.

The news isn’t because of a bunch of survey-taking teenagers, either. The poll found that the majority in every age group favored legalization, meaning your grandma sees nothing wrong with weed-life.

With legalization of medical marijuana now in twenty states and legalization of recreational use in two, medical marijuana advocates are really beginning to see their hopes come to fruition. Businesses have invested in Colorado weed and there’s even a medical marijuana farmers market in Seattle. It’s a bright, green future, isn’t it?

More people should come around as more states legalize pot and Americans see the country doesn’t immediately fall apart. Expect the Gallup poll to be cited by more than one Democrat in the months to come as more bills are written in attempts to push state-wide legalization.


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