In a definitive sign of the times, a recent airing of the popular “Pro and Cons” segment on the Tonight Show featured the upsides and downsides of going to cannabis camp. Known for highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of the some of the more salient aspects of life and culture, the Jimmy Fallon-hosted segment has covered a wide variety of topics in its relatively short run.

For those involved in cannabis culture – or are merely interested in it – the recent segment involving the first “all-inclusive” marijuana camping resort called “CannaCamp”, which is set to open in Denver, was an especially interesting one. For the segment to have featured this particular aspect of cannabis culture is a clear sign that the cannabis issue has become very much a part of public consciousness and everyday life.

If for some reason you are unable to watch the video, here’s a rundown of how the segment played out.

Pro: The camp is called “CannaCamp”.

Con: It was originally called “Camp Wannatoka”.

Pro: CannaCamp is just like summer camp, only with weed.

Con: So CannaCamp is pretty much just like summer camp anyway.

Pro: CannaCamp offers you the chance to meet some nice friends…

Con: …or meet some kind buds

Pro: At CannaCamp, “lights out” is at 10 p.m.

Con: At CannaCamp, “lights up” is at 4:20.

Pro: At CannaCamp, you can see pot smoke wafting through the forest.

Con: At CannaCamp, you could see a bear stumble out of the forest asking for directions to the nearest White Castle.

Pro: CannaCamp offers unique activities like “Cannabis Yoga”.

Con: The most popular yoga position at CannaCamp is “Downward-Facing Snoop Dogg”.

Pro: At CannaCamp, you get to choose between hiking, biking, rock-climbing, or kayaking.

Con: At CannaCamp, you’ll probably settle for staring at your hand for five hours.

Pro: At CannaCamp, only you can prevent forest fires.

Con: At CannaCamp, only you can see the talking bear that’s saying that.

Pro: CannaCamp has a catchy new slogan…

Con: The slogan is: “What Happens At Cannacamp Stays At…Wait…What Are We Talking About Again?”


There you have it, these are the benefits and drawbacks of going to marijuana camp as outlined on Jimmy Fallon’s “Pro and Cons” segment on The Tonight Show. What do you think? Are there enough benefits for you to consider going to the camp for the summer? Or would you rather sit this one out?


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