The iPhone is one of the most successful and popular products to ever hit the shelves. One of the biggest runaway hits of a company that is no stranger to multimillion-selling products, the iPhone is far more ubiquitous than pagers were more than two decades ago. And if you are one of the half-a-billion people with an iPhone, and also like to vaporize your herbs, you might want to try out the amalgamation of the two.

Lotus VapeCaseThe good news is that one company has – for all practical purposes – taken this bold step. That company is Lotus, and while the product we review here doesn’t magically turn your iPhone 5 into a vaporizer, it does the next best thing by adding vaporizer functionality to your phone.

Seamless integration with your device

Make no mistake: the Lotus VapeCase isn’t simply a vaporizer that you attach to your phone. It is actually a fully functional vaporizer that integrates seamlessly with your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S and runs on its own juice. Featuring a threaded port that fits most 510 tanks, and a 4-stage battery with voltage control, the VapeCase is about as close as you could get to a vaporizer that allows you to make calls, send texts, and perform anything you normally would with your iPhone.

Compatible with 510 cartridges

The VapeCase is designed to work right out of the box with 510 cartridges from a range of different manufacturers. For added versatility, you also get a 510 to eGo adapter that enables you to use the VapeCase with recessed thread carts. The package also comes with a stainless steel collar that conceals the cartridge connection, so you won’t have to deal with an awkward looking protrusion on your iPhone, and a USB charger with an attachment for plugging into a wall socket. The package in fact comes with pretty much everything you need to vaporize on-the-go, or wherever you care to take your phone.

Noticeably absent is the actual cartridge that you will use with the VapeCase. While this may seem like a surprising omission for some, Lotus had decided to leave it out since most regular vaporizer users probably already have a favorite cartridge that they use on a regular basis anyway. A sensible argument to be sure, but we still would have liked to have seen a cartridge in the package, especially considering that the market of the VapeCase would likely be novices looking for a simple and easy entry-model device.

This brings us to the functionality of the VapeCase. The VapeCase delivers satisfying enough performance that won’t make you keel over in excitement. Let’s face it: there is no way that such an add-on could compete with fully-featured standalone vaporizers costing several hundred dollars. Nevertheless, the VapeCase works surprisingly well as advertised, and even experienced users should have no trouble using it for basic vaporizing tasks. For the money, and without expecting too much, you simply can’t go wrong.

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