Indica Vaporizer Size
The Indica Vaporizer is small, resembling a Zippo © lighter.

Official Preview – Indica Vaporizer

The Indica Vaporizer isn’t out yet, but once it hits shelves in the summer of 2013 you can be sure we’ll do a Review! Until then, let this Product Preview give you all the info you’ll need to make an informed purchase.

At first glance, the Indica looks like a plain, run-of-the-mill Zippo lighter. Sliding easily into any pocket, the Indica is as convenient as it is effective, and it will be, without a doubt, effective. Of all the vaporizers we have reviewed, this new product looks to be one of the best.


Looks and Design

With an easy-to-see LED indicator light to tell you how much vapor you have left at any given moment and the temperature at which the chamber is burning, the design is also about user-friendliness.

Indica Vaporizer Chart
The Indica Vaporizer gets very hot, very quick.


The Indica Vaporizer has a capacity chamber capable of holding 0.4 grams (45-50 drags per full chamber), almost double the amount of the average vape. The Indica allows you to adjust the temp and keep it stable with the touch of a button. The aforementioned LED light goes from green (358 degrees F ) to blue (365 F) to purple (372 F ) to yellow (379.5 F ) to orange (386.6 F). The ability to keep the chamber temperature steady is the key to getting the density of the vapor at a nice medium level.

The Kit

The Indica Vaporizer comes with a 110 USB adapter, a 12-inch USB charge cord, a vape pick, four (4) replacement screens, a cleaning brush, five (5) pipe cleaners, a storage pouch and instructions. After the first initial 12-hour charge, the battery takes only 3.5 to 4 hours to charge, and it gives you up to two weeks of regular use between charges. Available this summer (2013), the Indica website promises all this well be less than $200.

The Verdict

It’s sleek and inconspicuous design makes this vape a perfect gift for anyone, especially yourself. After all, you deserve it. We can’t wait to try it.

It is very important when researching any item to make sure that you are getting a quality, accurate review (or preview) that points out both negative and positive aspects of the product. At Stoner Things, we take the extra time to add the details you need in order to form a proper opinion of the product you are looking at. Our Indica Vaporizer preview was carefully constructed and based on facts as well as our opinion. We here at Stoner Things are a neutral, impartial party aiming to provide an exact, factual representation of the product at hand.


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