Have you heard of THC wax? If not, you really haven’t been paying attention. THC wax is all the rage these days – all the cool kids are trying it, and you don’t know what you’re missing.

Had enough of the sales pitch? We won’t press it any more. But we will tell you how to make THC wax. It’s pretty easy, though it can be very dangerous if you don’t do it right.

Before you start, you should know what THC wax is. It’s a concentrated form of marijuana, with other consistencies including oil, bubble, and shatter. It’s usually smoked using an “oil rig,” though it can also be dabbed onto a bowl of weed or rolled into a joint. The high is intense and long-lasting.

How to Make THC Wax

How to Make THC Wax

The first step in making THC wax is to gather your supplies: dried, ground marijuana; an “extractor” made out of PVC piping; one or two canisters of butane; a Pyrex glass container; a hot plate; an extension cord; a double boiler; some single-edged razor blades; and parchment paper.

Next, prepare your extractor. This is a plastic cylinder, usually made of PVC, that you can buy at any head shop. It’s closed on one end and has a plastic cap screwed onto the other. The cap has several holes in it, while the top end has one small hole. You’ll also want a filter under the cap – a coffee filter cut to size works fine.

Fill your extractor with marijuana

Now remove the cap and fill the extractor with your pot. It should be dried and ground, finely but not too finely. You want enough air in there so the sprayed butane can saturate everything.

Soak your marijuana in butane

Then screw the cap back on. Take a butane canister, insert the nozzle into the single hole at the top of the extractor, and spray. A green-brown-black oil will drip out of the holes in the cap into your Pyrex container. Spray butane until no more oil drips from the extractor; usually this will be one or two full canisters.

This part is absolutely critical: Spray the butane outside. Any indoor spark – a pilot light, a cigarette lighter, a fan motor coming to life – could ignite an explosion, level your house, and burn you alive. It has happened, more than a few times.

Evaporate off the solvent

Once you follow that precaution, take your hot plate, connect it to an extension cord, and bring all that outside as well: The same risk of explosion holds here. Heat the plate, fill the bottom of the double boiler with water, and bring it to a boil.

Now place the Pyrex container in the top portion of the boiler. The idea is to boil off the liquid butane so you’re left with a pure, sticky resin containing almost nothing but THC wax. This should take at least an hour and a half. Make sure every bubble of butane is gone, as it’s a chemical you don’t want to smoke.

Remove and store your THC wax

Use your razor blades to scrape the warm resin out of the container and place it on small pieces of parchment paper. Now fold these up to store the oil, or else remove it to a non-stick THC wax container using a dabber (also purchased at a head shop).

And that, in a word, is how to make THC wax. Once you know how to do it, you’ll finally be able to join the cool kids.


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