So it’s official: You’ve finally become a big boy or girl and moved up from buying by the gram to scoring by the ounce (or pound if that’s your thing). So now what?

Well, the first task is keeping your stash in good condition. In the old days, when you never bought more than you needed for two or three joints, that tiny amount wouldn’t have had time to go bad. Not so when you toke by the zip.

Some people can plow through an ounce of cannabis in a matter of hours, at least if they’re sharing. Most take at least a few days. But that’s easily long enough for the stuff to start going bad. It takes a fairly long time for weed to lose its potency, but it can rapidly turn dry, dusty, and hard to smoke.

So how to keep it fresh?


Mason Jar

Bell Mason Jar

Frankly, your best bet is usually a simple glass mason jar, the type used to make jam and preserves and pickled tomatoes and such. These jars seal securely and keep your pot like new. The best choices are Bell and Kerr brand jars, easily found at Walmart, Target, and other retailers.

Of course, these jars are glass, so your weed will be exposed to light. This usually isn’t a problem, at least not for a while, but if it concerns you, simply store your jar in a dark place. Alternatively, put it in the refrigerator, where it will last for up to two years if sealed properly.


Plastic Wrap

Marijuana Plastic Wrap

Wrapping your pot in Saran Wrap or other plastic wrap should slow decay. Wrap securely and make sure no part of the bud is exposed to the air. Now put your weed bundles into a cheap plastic food container and seal it tight. The key, as with jars, is to keep air from getting into the container.

There is one drawback to this approach: Rubbing marijuana against plastic creates static, and that may reduce the potency slightly. So be careful to avoid this kind of motion as much as possible.


Decorative Jars

THC Stash Jar

Stop by any head shop in America and you will have no trouble finding these decorative weed containers. Typically made of glass or plastic, they’re really just glorified mason jars, but with less reliable seals.

These containers tend to be made of fragile glass, and like many bongs, they’ll shatter at the slightest bump. So unless you really like the Bob Marley painting or “I heart 420” slogan on the front, avoid the extra expense and stick with a simple jar.


Vacuum Sealers

Vacuum Sealer

To knock things up a bit, try using a vacuum sealer. These devices, found through many major retailers and department stores, remove all the air from the container where you keep your weed. You can find vacuum sealers in a wide range, from the low-rent to the spendy.



Deodorizer Bag

Deodorizer bagOk, maybe these aren’t the best for storing your weed at home. However, take your stash on the move and the Deodorizer Bag is your best friend. This discreet black pouch comes complete with an activated charcoal lining which helps to keep even the most pungent of odors hidden. Thanks to the Deodorizer bags, you can carry your weed everywhere you go and noone will be any the wiser.


Humidity Packs

Relative Humidity PacksYou can further do even more to maintain the quality of your cannabis during storage by using a relative humidity pack. These sachet-like objects – that are stored alongside your buds – are filled with a salt-water mixture that effectively regulates humidity levels. You simply buy a humidity pack at a particular relative humidity (RH) level, and it will work to push the humidity in your weed’s storage environment towards that level. RH 62% is optimal for storing marijuana.


What Not to Do

Marijuana in Plastic Bag

Above all, don’t just leave your dope sitting around in a ziplock plastic bag. It may come that way, but you shouldn’t store it that way. If you must, use bags to hold only small amounts for short periods of time.

As mentioned above, static generated by the plastic tends to harm the potency of the cannabis. And plastic bags typically aren’t as airtight as they’re made out to be. It’s relatively easy for pollutants to get in and break down your pot.




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