Is there anything at all that redeems winter? Well, maybe skiing. And obviously the many indoor opportunities to toke the cold away.

But even weed is best in January if it’s accompanied by something steaming, piping hot. So here are a few thoughts on toasty things that go great with good marijuana.

Hot Coffee

Coffee and MarijuanaAsk almost any serious drug user and he will tell you he prefers to balance his chemicals: just the right mix of up and down, so you get the full effect but never go off either edge. This is especially true with marijuana and caffeine. One brings you down, the other peps you up, and you reach a high and happy medium.

Plus, both pot and coffee have huge health benefits. We all know cannabis can be used to treat specific medical problems, but there is also increasing evidence that regular adult use can prevent serious health problems later in life, including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Coffee may be even better for you. It’s so healthy, in fact, that nutritionists have discussed adding it to the recommended daily food allowances for Americans. So fight the chill with your two favorite recreational chemicals.

Hot Chocolate

We have plenty of evidence that weed improves chocolate – really, weed improves everything edible. Sadly, though, there is nothing to suggest chocolate has the same effect on marijuana. Still, really good pot and really good cocoa can turn the nippiest night warm.

This combo is best in circumstances where hot chocolate is commonly sold: high school football games, sports arenas, hay rides. But it will keep you bundled up and happy without leaving home, too. Of course, you won’t get the caffeine rush that coffee provides, but consuming chocolate in steaming liquid form is usually reward enough.


ChiliThe hotter, the better – and by hot, we mean both the mouth-scalding kind of hot and the “five-alarm” sort. Fight among yourselves over whether real chili may ever contain beans or salsa made north of the Mason-Dixon Line, but almost any good brand will heat you up while the weed cools you down.

If anything, the pot should make it easier to stomach even tepid New England brands of chili. Or carry your own private bottle of hot sauce so you can improvise when the pepperwork comes up short. The key is that you use the munchies to heat your insides against the icy outdoors.

Hot Toddys

Always be cautious when combining marijuana and booze. Some people can handle a bit of mixing, but others may find the experience decidedly unpleasant. That said, a hot toddy and a few puffs can really put a cold February day behind you.

They’re pretty easy to make. You take a liquor – usually whiskey, rum, or brandy – and mix it with honey and boiling water. Cloves, cinnamon, and lemon slices are also used as flavoring. The result is a hot, sweet, and high-proof winter drink. It’s perfect for lazy, icy days, and a bit of weed only makes it more relaxing.

It’s a long time til summer, but hopefully this list will give you some ideas for ways to stay hot and high this winter. If you have to endure the season, you might as well do it feeling good.


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