Is it safe to smoke weed during this pandemic? We previously talked about whether or not you should be meeting up for smoke sessions (not really, but there are precautions you can take if you absolutely must). In this case, we’re talking about whether or not smoking is going to complicate your situation if you happen to catch the virus. For those who don’t already know, COVID-19 ravages the lungs, and that’s why so many ventilators have been needed not just in the USA but around the world. The virus hits especially hard with those who have pre-existing conditions, like asthma, and can inhibit breathing to the point that a person is no longer able to breathe on their own and must be intubated until the infection dies down. Or, of course, the patient dies. Which has been an unfortunate occurrence for too many patients globally.

Health experts are warning anyone who happens to smoke that it’s not the wisest decision if you are at all going to be at risk of contracting COVID-19. Since no one on the planet had an immunity to the virus, it’s been spreading rapidly and sparing no one. Thus, basically everyone is at risk. As CNN reports, a renowned pulmonologist at the American Lung Association says that even casual smoking (that is, infrequent use) can cause inflammation, similar to bronchitis. This will increase the chance of complications due to the virus’s already powerful symptoms.

However, not all who are infected with the coronavirus are hit the same way. Some only get what amounts to a “bad cold,” according to reports. Worse, is that some are asymptomatic, which means they show no symptoms at all but instead become carriers. Part of the reason for the fast spread of COVID-19 is that so many people have not shown symptoms, gone about their normal lives, and infected everyone they know. At least, that’s how the early days of the virus were proceeding. Now, most of the world is on lockdown trying to reduce the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, there are still lots of people around the world who are either not taking the virus seriously or not caring if they or others they come into contact with contract the virus.

So is it safe to still smoke in the time of COVID-19? Not really, at least if you want to make absolutely sure to reduce your risk. There have been reports of “perfectly healthy” people who came down with the virus and wound up dying. That’s because they may have had another condition that they weren’t aware of. Doctors are particularly concerned with comorbidity, or other chronic conditions a patient may have when they contract the virus. No, not that kind of chronic. The bad kind. These other conditions are what seem to be killing people, since the virus can hit so hard any weakness can be the death of someone. Worse, researchers in China may have discovered that the virus can re-infect people and destroy immune systems.

So, it’s basically not in your best interests to smoke a lot right now, unless you’re especially low-risk or properly quarantining. Of course, it might be the only way to take your medicine. But it’s a good idea to cut back or switch to something like edibles. Even vaping can injure your lungs to some extent, and of course black market vape juice can be extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, this is the world we’re living in and it’s increasingly difficult to ensure one’s safety for a condition that largely attacks the lungs.


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