If you already have a good glass piece or a quality bong – or even a vaporizer – the next best investment that you can make is a good grinder. Maybe you already have a quick-and-dirty plastic grinder that someone left behind, and you haven’t really given thought to purchasing a grinder. Are you aware of how much the material your grinder is made of will affect your smoking experience?

Grinders make everything easier

A grinder will help you grind up your weed to a nice, fine texture. This is a tremendous time saver as compared to breaking up the weed and grinding it up with your fingers. You also achieve a much more consistent texture, which makes for an easy-to-roll joint that burns smoothly and evenly.

Choose your materials wisely

Your choice in a grinder should be dependent on many qualities, including the number of compartments and the grinder materials used. The material that the grinder is made out of will affect not only the durability of the unit, but the quality of the grind as well. A poor choice in material will eventually result in broken or dulled grinder teeth, which can severely impair its performance. Some of the more commonly used materials for grinders are: acrylicwood and metal

Here’s a rundown of the qualities and relative advantages and disadvantages of each material as they pertain to grinder construction.

► AcrylicGrinder Materials

Acrylic is the cheapest grinder material currently in use. Cheap and easily available, acrylic grinders are what most first-time grinder users buy. However, these types of grinders don’t usually make a good choice, for many reasons. For starters, the teeth won’t last very long and will eventually break off, reducing the grinder’s effectiveness. But even worse than impaired performance is the likelihood of acrylic particles ending up in your weed. Inhaling these burning particles can pose a serious health risk, so for this reason alone, acrylic grinders should probably be avoided.

► Wood

wood Grinder MaterialsWhen shopping for grinders, you may run across some models made of wood. Depending on the type of wood used and the construction of the unit, these grinders may be good quality, reliable units. Many wood grinders are carved out of a single piece of wood, which limits such models to single compartment varieties. This is usually sufficient for most purposes however, and the quality makes up for the reduced capacity.

If you do opt for a wood grinder, make sure that the inside of the unit is not coated in lacquer or some other finish. This will ensure that you get only the herb without any harmful particles.

► Metal

metal Grinder MaterialsThe best material for grinder use by far is metal. Strong, durable, and dependable, metal grinders provide a smooth and even grind, and great performance for years and years…if you choose the right type. Most experts agree that titanium grinders are the best, although you probably won’t be coming across too many grinders with teeth made from pure titanium. Due to the cost of the metal, so-called ‘titanium’ grinders usually have aluminum teeth coated with titanium. These models generally offer superb value for money.

So, there you have it – the three different types of grinder. If we didn’t make it completely obvious above, be sure to grab a metal one!


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