Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid.Great White Shark

Genetics: Super Skunk x Brazilian x South Indian.

Appearance: Pale green and muted orange.

Smell: Strong, smells earthy.

Potency: Decent; lasts an hour or so and is fairly heady.

Taste: A bit sweet, very mild.

Summary: Great White Shark is a nice mild smoke for daily activities like running errands (though we do not encourage anyone to smoke and drive).


This Sativa-dominant hybrid is good for keeping your energy level where it’s at, whether that be high and ready to tackle the day or low and ready for bed. In this case the Great White Shark strain really shows its hybrid colors, with no overwhelming indica or sativa qualities apparent. GWS gives both a head and body buzz, but neither are particularly potent. You can be functional during the day or sleepy at night, so the strain works either way. Good for medical marijuana patients if they have minor pain or stress problems.

Overall, it’s a 3/5 stars. Nothing bad here but nothing amazing.



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