Official Review – Graffix Bubble BongGraffix

Graffix is well-known in the bong community from days gone past. As far as bongs go, nothing packs a bowl with more nostalgia than Graffix. We here at Stoner Things were excited to check out a plastic Graffix Bubble Bong, so we won’t waste any time getting into it!

Looks and Design

The Graffix Bubble Bong is small and rounded at the bottom. There really isn’t much here beyond the Graffix logo; the Bubble Bong was designed more for functionality than aesthetics.


Unfortunately, this isn’t the Graffix we all remember. The former kings of the market are looking more like jesters (fitting given the logo) then royalty. Not only does the Bubble Bong pick up dirt and grime quicker than most pieces, but just one use has the unit reeking of marijuana forever after. The Graffix Bubble Bong is alright in other respects, but doesn’t impress or excel in anyone one area.

The Kit

Prices start at $22.00 with varying  heights available. Bubble Bongs also come in assorted colors.

The Verdict

Overall, the Graffix Bubble Bong doesn’t impress. It’s an average unit that’s difficult to clean and won’t wow you, but there’s nothing wrong with having it for the sake of memory. 3/5 stars.

It is very important when researching any item to make sure that you are getting a quality, accurate review that points out both negative and positive aspects of the product. At Stoner Things, we take the extra time to add the details you need in order to form a proper opinion of the product you are looking at. Our Graffix Bubble Bong review was carefully constructed and based on facts as well as our opinion. We here at Stoner Things are a neutral, impartial party aiming to provide an exact, factual representation of the product at hand.


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