Type: Indica-dominant hybrid.Gods Gift Top

Genetics: Granddaddy Purple x OG Kush

Appearance: Mint green and scattered orange.

Smell: Makes us think of the outdoors: flowery and earthy.

Potency: Strong, decently long-lasting.

Taste: Harsh.

Summary: God’s Gift is a deep pain-relieving, body-relaxing high.


This indica-dominant hybrid will put you to sleep. The ultimate in body highs, the God’s Gift marijuana strain is a great choice for medical marijuana patients who want to ease aches and pains before bed. A few hits will have you relaxed and peaceful, so don’t smoke this and then expect to have a ton of energy. This strain has an almost preternatural knack for making you calm and happy, which is great for those who suffer from stress or anxiety. But that shouldn’t be a surprise; GDP and OG Kush are two well-known pain-relieving strains.

Ultimately, God’s Gift is a fantastic night smoke that eases pain and worries. 4/5 stars.

Gods Gift SideGods Gift Close

Gods Gift StrainGods Gift


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