The winner of our May giveaway will score Waxmaid’s #1 vaporizer, the and a long list of accessories!

The body of the Ares is made from zinc alloy with a 18mm silicone mouthpiece that is detachable for easy cleaning or easy swaps if you’d like to customize the rig with a different mouthpiece. The rig features a quartz chip that conducts and retains heat better than ceramic so there’s no need to impatiently wait 30 seconds for the nail to heat, like other electronic rigs out there. With two temperature control modes, you can customize your session based on your preference and type of concentrates.

The battery charges in 2.5 hours and can get you through 60 sessions with one charge. With a Micro USB connection, there’s no chance you’ll be left for dead if you forget the included charging cable. Plus, the auto-sleep function helps you conserve your battery if you take a little nap mid dab session.

At 6.5 inches tall, it’s ready to be taken everywhere with ease in the stylish and smellproof case featuring double-sided black honeycomb material and a designated spot for all included accessories. The case has an anti-sweat and anti-wear handle, so it’s ready to withstand all your road trips for years to come. The case also comes equipped with a zipper mesh pocket and two compartments to hold all of your dab accessories.

really hooks it up with this rig, including all of the following:

  • 1 × Ares electric dab rig (full set)
  • 1 × Backup coil-less quartz atomizers
  • 1 × Dab tool
  • 1 × Cleaning brush
  • 4 × Cotton swab/Q-tips
  • 1 × Wax carb cap
  • 1 × Rubber belt
  • 1 × Honeycomb percolator
  • 1 × Silicone glass container
  • 1 × USB charging cable
  • 1 × User manual

Want to win?! Visit our giveaway page everyday to get in on bonus entries and daily entries! Best of luck and see you next month!


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