We consume cannabis for its host of benefits—getting stoned is just an added bonus. THC and CBD are known to treat a long list of ailments and even fight cancer-causing cells. But, the smoke that is created during combustion contains much more than healing active ingredients. In fact, some studies suggest that marijuana smoke contains nearly four times the amount of tar when compared to cigarette smoke, an alarming fact that makes many stoners ditch the classic pipe and reach for a vape pen.

Good news! is here to keep all of us bong-rippers in optimum health. Their line of products support all the good and filter out the rest. This month’s giveaway features their medical-grade filter, cleaning kit, and carbon refills. Read on to learn more about their unique products.

TarCutter Medical Grade Filter

Tarcutter Medical Grade FilterMade from surgical-grade stainless steel, this inline filter uses activated coconut carbon and an engineered flow pattern to significantly reduce the amount of tar and other potentially harmful contaminants like pesticides found in your weed. Due to the chemical and physical nature of both tar and THC and their interaction with the very porous activated coconut carbon, the tar will attach to the coconut carbon, and the THC will pass through, making for the perfect bong filter that will last, literally, forever. The box includes one assembled long glass filter (14mm fitting), one short glass filter tube (14mm fitting), 2 replacement O-Rings, and one activated coconut carbon refill tube that refills the long filter twice. Your bong game just got better.

Resolution Cleaning Kit

Resolution Cleaning Kit

Keep your TarCutter filter clean with help from the . Unscrew the filter, dump the used carbon into the trash and drop the disassembled filter into the Resolution cleaning gel bag. Let it sit for five minutes before rinsing the pieces, assembling, and refilling with fresh carbon. Other goodies in the Resolution Kit include accessories that support a deeper clean including caps, a brush, swabs, and a cleaning cloth.

Activated Coconut Carbon Refills

Activated coconut carbon refillsReplace the carbon after it has filtered through an ounce of bud for optimal performance, or whenever you clean your device. Each replenishes the large Tarcutter twice.

Keep up with TarCutter on Instagram at  to learn more about their innovations and passion for providing a smoother smoking experience! Their is a great resource for information and tutorials. Be sure to visit our giveaway page every day to get in on those daily entries! Catch you next month.


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