If you’re not packing a pound, carry on.

Stop storing your weed in sandwich bags and tupperware. Repeat after me: “Fire bud needs a nice place to rest if you want it to taste its best.” Random kitchen items like plastic containers, foil or paper towels should never carry your cannabis. Plastics can degrade trichomes due to their static charge. And other options aren’t airtight, don’t provide protection from light or heat, and are heavily lacking in humidity control.

But, no worries if your methods are lacking, just enter our June giveaway sponsored by , a brand that takes stash containers to the next level. The winner will receive FIVE different sized containers that utilize innovative patented designs to create a perfect curing environment with added protection.


Each 304 food-grade stainless steel container features a multi-latch lid that locks in the moisture, oils, character, terpenes, and flavor of your flower with help from a patented holder designed for Boveda humidity packs. Whether you need to preserve an eighth or a pound, CVault’s got a size for your situation ranging from containers that hold 7 grams to 5 pounds. The brand also offers EVaults for liquid storage and protection for oil.

There are tons of design elements we love about these containers. 

  • They look high-quality and function the same.
  • Each sized container comes with a Boveda® humidity pack held in place by a slot built-in to the lids.
  • Wide lids so you’ll never be like Pooh with a hand stuck in a honey jar.
  • Extends shelf life and potency.
  • Can be comfortably carried in a bag.
  • Cleaning is easy — they are dishwasher safe. This is also great for odor control.
  • Replacing the humidity pack is easy. CVault sells individual or multi packs for each sized container with either 58 or 62% humidity. The pack should be replaced every X weeks for the best effect.

The winner scores:

Make sure to enter daily and get in on all the bonus entries on our giveaway page.



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