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When it comes to getting high- what’s more important than your stash and the stuff you use to smoke it? We’ve got years of experience backing our authority to test out stoner essentials and report back with everything you need to know.

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Our strain reviews offer more than the typical information on appearance, flavor, odor, and effects. We give you the legit low-down that includes history and background information on the plant. Our articles focus on individual strains and themes of interest like the 5 strongest strains, the 10 best indicas of all time, and the best strains for anxiety, creativity, and more.

In need of new stoner gear? We’ve got you covered with our product reviews. From smoking essentials, glass, and cultivation equipment to apparel, dab tools, subscription boxes, and novelty items you never knew you needed—our honest product reviews reflect the latest, the greatest and the all-time favorites. We’ll fill you in on how it works, why you need it, and where to get it.

Grandaddy Purple Strain Review

grandaddy purple strain review
Grandaddy Purple is a world-renowned 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid strain that initially hit the California medical marijuana scene in 2003 when Ken Estes, the medicine man himself, cultivated the first sweet and candy-like phenotypes that became Grandaddy Purple.  Grandaddy Purple,...

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

girls scout cookies strain review
Type Hybrid. Genetics OG Appearance Brown and dark green. Smell Sweet and minty, for sure. Potency The one area where the Girl Scout Cookies strain is lacking is in potency. This isn’t the hardest hitting strain out there, but it does a decent job. Taste Like a sweet lemon candy is hitting your tongue. Summary This sativa-dominant...

Best Cannabis Strains For Boosting Creativity

best cannabis strains for creativity
There are cannabis strains for just about every purpose today. It makes sense -- as legalization spreads the market has tried to meet customer expectations. Sometimes those expectations are, “this will help with pain,” but sometimes they’re more “this will help me relax and...

Strawberry Cough Strain Review

strawberry cough strain review
If you’re a terpene fanatic, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Strawberry Cough because of its unique terpene profile that emits a unique perfume of sweet, summer strawberries.  Ask anyone who’s had the chance to sample this...

The Strongest, Highest-THC Marijuana Strains in 2019

No one stoner is the same. Each individual is unique in their exposure and experience with marijuana. Some people have very high tolerances starting out and others who have been avid users for years can still find themselves with a low tolerance...
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