A Florida woman who was stopped by police after she crashed her pickup truck is facing additional felony charges because she tried to eat the weed a state trooper found in her car. What’s more, she did it while handcuffed in the back of a squad car.

Tavish SmithTavish Smith was arrested and charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run, DUI, and marijuana possession. But prosecutors added a felony count over the half-eaten pot.

A trooper with the Florida Highway Patrol stopped Smith June 13 on U.S. Highway 1 in Cocoa, a seaside city in Central Florida. The trooper spotted her after she crashed her truck, went the wrong way down the highway, and then crashed again.

Woman Slips Cuffs, Eats Evidence

The trooper who stopped Smith reported that she was obviously drunk and tried to flirt her way out of the arrest. The officer handcuffed her and put her in the back of his cruiser.

He then searched Smith’s truck and reported finding a small sandwich bag with pot. The officer set the bag on the passenger’s seat in the front of his car.

That’s when Smith went to work. She managed to slip out of her handcuffs, reach into the front seat, and grab the sack. She quickly scarfed down the cannabis.

But the ruse didn’t last long. The cop realized what was happening when he saw Smith moving her arms freely, then noticed the empty bag.

Plenty of Evidence Left Behind

“I hope that’s not why this marijuana bag was open over here,” the trooper said. “Bags of weed just don’t go missing inside a police car. And I’ve got it all on video.”

Marijuana BagIndeed, that video wound up on local TV and the Internet, where numerous national media outlets linked to it. The camera captured Smith eating the marijuana, replacing the bag, and trying, not very hard, to avoid detection.

The trooper said Smith had marijuana crumbs on her face and hands after swallowing the evidence.

At least Smith picked the right evidence to tamper with. If she were convicted of DUI, hit-and-run, and marijuana possession, the weed bust would carry the most serious penalties. In Florida, the maximum penalty for possession of less than 20 grams of weed is one year in jail.

Felony Charge Added

The maximum penalty for a DUI, on the other hand, is nine months on a first conviction and up to a year on a second or third conviction. Media reports didn’t say whether Smith had a previous record for drunk driving.

The hit-and-run, meanwhile, is punishable by at most a 60-day jail sentence, unless the accident injures or kills someone.

But because Smith ate the evidence, authorities added a felony charge of evidence tampering. She now faces up to five years in prison on that charge alone. And despite her best efforts, her approach didn’t do her any good: Police said she left enough crumbs in the bag that troopers could still run a test for weed.


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