Christmas is fast coming up, and with it comes the annual ordeal of trying to think of the perfect gifts for everyone. The good news is that if you have stoner friends, they are usually pretty easy to shop for, and will accept almost anything that you give them graciously. If you were planning to get gifts for a few of your most cherished stoner friends and family members, this rundown of useful stoner-friendly products should be helpful.

KO Domeless Nail
The KO Domeless Nail makes for a great gift for those who enjoy dabbing, but hate having to replace the dome or getting oil all over.KO Domeless NailNeat, efficient, and tremendously useful, this is one accessory that any stoner would love to find in his stocking come Christmas morning. Take note that they typically cost $120, but you could get good deals by shopping around.

Medicali Bubbler
Medicali is a California-based company that produces a line of quality medical instruments and smoking apparatus. Calling themselves a “modern flame factory”, the company takes pride in manufacturing some of the finest smoking implements in the business. The bubbler that the company produces is especially useful, and makes for a great gift this holiday season.

Incredibowl m420
The Incredibowl m420 is another good choice for a Christmas present. The little brother of the company’s own Incredibowl, the m420 packs all the features and performance of its bigger sibling in a handy and conveniently-sized package. With an innovative design that cools and filters the smoke before it gets to you, the Incredibowl m420 is a fabulous gift for the Christmas season. And with an anodized aluminum exterior, the glass bowl is protected at all times.

Celebration Pipe
Here’s a gift that is just a little bit more special and more meaningful than the others. Called the “Celebration Pipe”, this uniquely crafted piece is a great way to put some personality in your presents. Celebration Pipes started in the early 1970s when a company called DaPiper first hit the market by way of an ad in the first High Times magazine.Celebration PipesReaders of the magazine were sufficiently inspired to place orders for the ornate, decorative pipes, and it quickly became a hit in the stoner circuit. Today, each Celebration Pipe is still made by hand, and carries with it the same allure as when it first came out during the 1970s.

Graffix Bongs
Graffix Bongs are among the definitive classics of the stoner world. With a name that carries about as much weight as “Coca-Cola”, Graffix Bongs (Cheap gift) are some of the most sought after smoking implements in stoner culture. Most people who were lucky enough to have been around and use these classic, simple bongs when they were first introduced attest to their reliability and solid performance in glowing terms. Even with so many innovative new bongs being released on the market, Graffix Bongs continue to hold a mystic and allure that make them the perfect gift for that special stoner in your family this Christmas.


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