A domeless titanium nail is one of the best devices you can add on to your current rig. Built for long-term use, a titanium nail can add some much-needed efficiency and performance to even the best dabbing rigs. There are many fine titanium nails available on the market, but a few stand out in particular for their quality and performance.

Yo Dabba Dabba All-in-one Domeless NailYo Dabba Dabba is a name that should be familiar to most experienced dabbers. The company offers a superb line of titanium nails, all of which provide great value for the money. The company’s All-In-One Domeless Titanium Nail is one such example, and its fully adjustable and convertible design makes it a great addition to your current oil rig. With five-piece construction and the ability to accommodate male and female ground joints measuring 14mm and 19mm, the All-In-One is quite possibly the most versatile titanium nail on the market today. If you are in need of a quality nail that provides reliable performance and functionality, you can hardly do better than the All-In-One.

Protecting ground joint from excessive heat

Ti Nail Ceramic BaseYo Dabba Dabba also offers the Domeless Ti Nail and Ceramic Base combo, which provides you with all the performance of a quality titanium nail while keeping your ground joint protected from excessive heat. Providing a reliable heat barrier between the nail and your glass rig’s ground joint, the Domeless Ti Nail and Ceramic Base combo will work with most 19mm female joints.

Also from Yo Dabba Dabba are the male and female Domeless Nails that provide superb performance at a very reasonable price point. Like all the company’s titanium nails, these models are made from durable Grade 2 titanium, and are built for rugged use day in and day out. These particular models feature a “salt shaker” design, and can accommodate ground joints measuring 14mm and 18mm. Offering unparalleled efficiency and performance, these nails ensure even heating that results in a more satisfactory dabbing experience.

Porcelain base for minimized heat transfer

Another company that offers a superb line of titanium nails is KO. Fast building up a stellar reputation for its quality dabbing products, KO offers its own Domeless Universal Titanium Nail that sets high standards for performance and reliability. Crafted from Grade 2 titanium and fitted with a porcelain base, the KO is a marvel of versatility and durability. It is made to fit male and females joints measuring 14mm and 18mm, and can be used with traditional and direct inject connections.

Any one of these models will provide satisfactory dabbing with a wide variety of different rigs. They all feature high-grade titanium construction, which is an especially important concern for health reasons. Lesser domeless titanium nails are made of lower grade titanium, and a number of popular export models are even made from other metals passed off as titanium. These materials are much less durable than titanium, and they pose a significant health risk due to the compounds that are released when they are subjected to high heat. In order to reduce the negative health effects and to get the full benefits of a titanium nail, shopping for a quality nail from a reputable store is advisable.


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