Official Review – Deodorizer Bags

The Deodorizer Bag may just be the best thing out there to eliminate marijuana odor. With a patented activated charcoal cloth to absorb the scent of weed, the DB is a discreet little black bag for any medical marijuana user out there. Complete with an internal flap, external flap, and sealed with 2 strips of industrial-strength velcro, this bag holds your sensitive goods securely.

Deodorizer Bags - Available in Multiple Sizes
Deodorizer Bags – Available in Multiple Sizes

Looks and Design

The Deodorizer Bag doesn’t have much in the way of glamor, but if bells and whistlers are your thing then the word “discrete” doesn’t mean anything to you when traveling with marijuana. The DB isn’t meant to be flashy, so all it has in the style department is the solid black color and a low-profile logo.


You put your weed in and relax as no smell comes out. And don’t just think we’re exaggerating here, either. The Deodorizer Bag can even keep dogs from detecting your stash and raising a fuss, a pretty fantastic feat for such an affordable storage container.

The Deodorizer works on a simple principle: its expertly designed interior pocket seals scents inside and forces all air to pass through the fabric of the bag which has been specially treated with activated charcoal to absorb and negate the odors of your private goods.

The Kit

Starting at $39.95, a purchase gets you the bag and a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Deodorizer Bag is available in multiple sizes so you can get one that will fit in your purse, your backpack or even your pocket which is pretty cool and super convenient. They are made of a durable, 2-ply polyester material too, with excellent stitching to ensure longevity of the bag for repeated use over an extended period of time, and manufactured in the USA.

The Verdict

All in all, for the traveling cannabis connoisseur or anyone with a medical need that requires them to keep some of their medication with them, the Deodorizer Bag is the way to go.

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