Have you ever asked yourself whether or not you should try concentrates? Many cannabis users tend toward a certain degree of conservatism when it comes to experimenting with different types of cannabis-based preparations interestingly enough, and not everyone would just try concentrates indiscriminately. The fact is that concentrates provide a very different experience from the joints or bongs that you may have been accustomed to, although for some, that may be a good enough reason to try them.

So why should you try concentrates? It all boils down to a few reasons, albeit some very good ones:

  • Potency
  • Purity
  • Options
  • Discreetness

As the name implies, concentrates are simply a concentrated form of cannabis. All concentrates are derived from marijuana flowers or buds, with the plant material processed via a number of mechanical and chemical means in order to filter it down to the active ingredients. This means that concentrates are much more potent than even the strongest strains of marijuana.

Concentrates provide more potent, cleaner doses than other methods of marijuana consumption.

Potency makes concentrates perfect for medical patients

The sheer potency of concentrates has a number of implications for both recreational users and medical marijuana patients. Because it is so potent, users may consume much less of it in order to get the same effects that are accustomed to. For medical marijuana patients, that means they can smoke less while still getting the pain relief and other medical benefits of marijuana.


The process employed in the production of concentrates also results in a much purer product than raw marijuana. With concentrates, virtually all the plant material is discarded, along with all the other ingredients that provide no desirable effect. You therefore only consume what is necessary in order to get the full benefits of marijuana. Purity is also an important concern for medical marijuana patients, for whom the introduction of potentially harmful substances is best avoided.

Concentrates have pronounced effects

Opting for concentrates also gives you a lot more options with regard to which products produce specific benefits and/or effects. Unlike raw herbs with which you often get a mixed bag of effects – particularly with Sativa-Indica hybrids – concentrates give you the option to choose the product that gives you the specific effects or benefits you want. This degree of control often spells the difference between a satisfactory experience and one that leaves you feeling unpleasant.

Finally, concentrates allow you to medicate more discreetly. Because you need only a small amount to get the desired effect, you won’t have to deal with huge clouds of smoke filling up the room. It also means less smoke odor in your hair and clothes, and on your fingers and breath. In fact, you could even consume concentrates in a vaporizer, which does away with smoke altogether, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of the product.

As you can see, there are many benefits to switching over to concentrates. Even if you have a particularly favorite strain of herb, don’t you think you owe it to yourself to at least give concentrates a try?


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