Health officials in Colorado ordered a recall of marijuana products made by a Denver company.

Medical Cannabis EdiblesThe recall, issued in July by the Denver Department of Environmental Health, included all edible products under the At Home Baked brand, including brownies, blondies, Rice Krispy treats, and candy. The edibles are made by Advanced Medical Alternatives of Denver.

Officials said they recalled the products because they contain bubble that was made using a washing machine. The machine, health officials said, was unsanitary and not approved for that use.

Washing Machine Had Mold, Corrosion

Bubble hash is a concentrated form of marijuana made with THC-laden trichomes, or “bubbles,” that form on the cannabis plant. It’s the most potent part of the plant and is often collected during harvesting for hash production.

It’s not unusual to make bubble hash in a washing machine. The process compresses the powdered trichomes into hash, a gummy resin popular in much of the world.

But officials said the machine used to make At Home Baked products was dirty and unlicensed. Bob McDonald, director of public health inspections for the city, said all food manufacturers must use food-safe materials when making their products. Inspectors found evidence of mold and corrosion in the machine, McDonald

“Marijuana-infused products are regulated just as any traditional food product under Denver’s food safety code,” he said. “It’s a piece of equipment that shouldn’t be used in that condition to manufacture anything that’s edible.”

The recall was issued after a safety inspection. No negative reactions to any of the At Home Baked products were reported, officials said.

Edibles Blamed for Health Incidents

Edibles have become a focus of increasing concern across the country, with even cannabis proponents saying rules are needed. In Colorado, health workers have reported a spike in hospital admissions of children who ate THC-laced edibles they mistook for regular food.

Medical MarijuanaTwo recent deaths raised additional alarms about marijuana foods. A man shot his wife while allegedly under the influence of Karma Candy, and an exchange student leaped to his death after eating multiple doses of marijuana brownies and cookies.

Colorado recently enacted a law that requires thorough labeling of all edibles, consistent doses, and single-serving portions. Inspectors don’t test THC content, however.

At Advanced Medical Alternatives, one worker said the method the company was using was widely condoned in the weed world.

“This is the industry standard of what people have been using for 30 years to make bubble hash in,” said the employee, who referred to himself as A.J. the Hashman.


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