Type: Hybrid.

Genetics: Durban Poison X F1 X Granddaddy Purple.

Appearance: Shades of purple, green and some maroon.

Smell: Hints of cherry, wood and pepper spice.

Potency: High comes on strong, peaks quickly, and slowly releases.

Taste: Slightly sweet with fruity undertones. The smoke is extremely smooth with a taste of cherry on the exhale.

Summary: Great taste, high potency, wonderful hybrid.

Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie


This indica heavy hybrid strain, not to be confused with Cherry Kush, is a strain that is perfect for anxiety, stress management, and pain relief.  Its fast-acting high potency makes it ideal for afternoon highs for both medicinal and recreational use. While not being too heavy, this strain is as good for the body as it is the soul.





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