Sunday, September 15, 2019


washington consume most marijuana

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It’s been seven years since the state of Washington passed laws to tax and regulate marijuana. In that time, several other states...

hemp vs steel stronger

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Everyone knows the flower of the marijuana plant has exceptional medicinal properties and mildly psychedelic effects on the brain. While this plant...


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In Sanskrit, Ananda means bliss, or happiness. This is where the chemical name for “Anandamide” comes from. Anandamide is a receptor in...

cbd make you high

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Now that cannabis is becoming more mainstream, we’re seeing a shift from “getting high” to “getting healthy.” There’s room for both, of...

tommy chong all marijauna is medical

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For decades now, the debate over legalizing marijuana has focused on the drug's two primary uses: medical and recreational. Medicinal cannabis use gained public...