Sunday, August 18, 2019

Influential Tokers

Stephen Carpenter

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Guitarist for the Cause: Stephen Carpenter Stephen Carpenter, the guitarist for Deftones, has never been shy about his fondness of marijuana.  Following a recent interview...

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Willie Nelson - The Original Outlaw No one man who has been arrested several times for possession of marijuana (over four times in Texas alone,...

Phish Pheatured

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30 Years of Phish After 30 years of creating free-form musical fusion, over 8 million albums and DVDs sold worldwide, a discography of 14 albums,...

Hunter S. Thompson

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Positive Use of Celebrity Hunter S. Thompson was a lot of things: a journalist, an activist and a celebrity.  But one thing he was always...

Top 5 Celebrity Stoners in 2013

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Waste of Fame... It’s not very often that a celebrity uses their fame for activism.  Well, let me rephrase, it’s not often they use their...

Abbey Road

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I Get High... One of my favorite stories about marijuana and the musicians who use it is the infamous first meeting of The Beatles and...

Bill Maher on Legalizing Marijuana

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  There are many well spoken, intelligent celebrities and pop culture icons who use their position to advocate for legalizing marijuana. Bill Maher is no...

Marijuana and Popular Culture |

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Marijuana and popular culture have gone hand-in-hand for a very long time. Throughout the years, however, the instances of marijuana references and use in...

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