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First of all, let me start by saying if you haven’t already watched both installments of the Ted movie series, this article contains some real spoilers. After a successful launch of the first part of this movie, Seth MacFarlane decided that the world wanted another.

Ted 2 Bong SceneAfter we learned the whole story about Ted and his human buddy John in the first movie, the sequel had to take a different angle. After Ted hooks up with Tami-Lynn, the two lovebirds decide to get hitched and have a baby. One problem becomes apparent though; Ted is is not recognized as ‘human’ in a court of law, and is consequently denied the right to parent a child. Ted and his best bud John (Mark Wahlberg) set out on a mission to change this.

The HVY Glass bong scene

Ted 2 is jam-packed with hilarious scenes, with weed references throughout. One scene in particular had me in stitches.

Lawyer Samantha Jackson (Amanda Seyfried) is sitting in her office with Ted and John, discussing their legal issues. The two buddies are initially a little apprehensive about the lack of experience that the 26-year-old lawyer has behind her. However, this uncertainty goes straight out the window the moment Samantha pulls out a HVY Glass bong and takes a massive pull.

Samantha quickly explains that she smokes pot to help her deal with migraines, and it quickly becomes clear that Ted and John are not the slightest bit phased about her marijuana use, and are in fact more interested in trying out her bud. Ted and John love to smoke and get high, so they are only too happy to work with a lawyer who shares their passion.

Samantha comes out with one of the best lines in the movie at this point. When Ted questions that Samantha, a lawyer, is getting high, instead of “fighting the war on drugs”, her response is pretty spot on:

“Please, the war on drugs is a joke. It’s just a way for the government to inflate law enforcement budgets and lock up minorities for no good legal reason. And you, my friend (Ted), are a minority.”

Here is a censored version of the scene on YouTube. The part when she actually takes a rip of the bong has been removed, but you can see the HVY Glass bong sitting on her desk in the second half of the clip.



Getting blazed and watching movies is practically a time-honored tradition. There are few things better than settling down in front of the big screen with a stash of good bud – company optional. The good news is that it is easier than ever to find the perfect smoke-out flick, and you will find that the internet is a particularly fertile resource. Here are ten stoner-friendly movies that you can stream right now on Netflix.

American Weed

American Weed is a revealing look at the Colorado medical marijuana industry as it comes to terms with legal issues and opposition from local residents. Although the circumstances in the state have changed significantly since the series began, it remains a relevant coverage of the marijuana industry as it struggles through its birth pains.

Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes

Degenerate Art is a fascinating documentary of the glass pipe-making industry. A quietly but steadily growing trade, glass pipe-making has remained a largely unknown industry until recently. With the growing popularity of glass pipes brought about by widespread marijuana legalization, Degenerate Art is more relevant than ever.


Clerks is one of those stoner classics that people just can’t help coming back to. Always good for an entertaining night with friends – or solo – the tale of two convenience clerks as they deal with a host of wacky customers and various life issues should resonate with pretty much any stoner.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The novel from which Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is based is a classic piece of stoner literature, and it is a good thing that the film stayed pretty close to the book’s feel. In any case, the drug-fueled adventures of the wacky journalist and his decidedly more outrageous lawyer makes for excellent stoner fare.

Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie

No list of stoner movies would be complete without an entry from stoner flick pioneers Cheech and Chong, and Next Movie is one of the most worthy. While Cheech deals with the recent loss of his job, Chong embarks on a wild Hollywood binge, all of which makes for outrageously fun stoner entertainment.

Jay and Silent BobJay and Silent Bob Strike Back

If watching Clerks has left you with a craving for more of Jay and Silent Bob, the offshoot should be right up your alley. Following the travails of the ne’er-do-well pair who previously frequented the front of the convenience store in Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is a stonerrific romp from New Jersey to Hollywood involving a host of truly bent characters.

That ’70s Show

Set in 1970s Wisconsin, That ’70s Show is a sitcom detailing the lives of a group of wacky teenaged friends as they wrestle with various coming of age issues. Featuring a host of then-popular actors who have since achieved varying degrees of success, That ’70s Show is still a great choice for a night in.

Reefer MadnessReefer Madness

This one is for sheer entertainment value. A propaganda film that details the evils of marijuana use, Reefer Madness shows just how extreme anti-marijuana prejudice was at that point in history. While much of the hysteric anti-marijuana hype evident in the film has since been debunked, Reefer Madness remains good for a couple of laughs.

The Big Lebowski

A certified stoner classic with just the right blend of heart and whimsy, The Big Lebowski is the story of the “The Dude” who attempts to get compensation for a ruined rug while being mistaken for a millionaire with the same name. Along the way, the Dude and his buddies come across a host of whacked out characters.

Weedsnancy weeds

Weeds is the tale of Nancy Botwin, a recently-widowed mother from the suburbs who finds herself involved in the marijuana trade in order to support her family in the manner in which they have been accustomed. As she struggles to maintain a semblance of a normal family life – and to keep her new career a secret – Nancy realizes just how popular her merchandise is.


It’s summer; who wants to spend the day indoors? Well, you do, if you’re a lazy, no-account stoner (you are). Parks and beaches are great, but they don’t include plush sofas, and they don’t come with glass indoor bongs.

In other words, sometimes, even in summer, you just want to curl up with a good movie and smoke a few Js. So here is our list, incomplete though it is, of the best marijuana films for the hottest months of the year.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

The original surfer/stoner flick, Fast Times at Ridgemont High is a deeply honest look into the lives of teenagers in the early 1980s. Sean Penn, of course, is famous for his turn as Jeff Spicoli, master California pothead.

But this movie has a lot more to offer than that. It’s an immortal portrayal of high school, and though it doesn’t strictly take place in summer – the action tracks the end of the school year – its Southern California stoner vibe fits the season perfectly.



friday the movie image

Granted, Friday is no one’s idea of an artistic classic. Among other nonsense, it rests on the ridiculous idea that Ice Cube has never smoked up. Right – and Snoop is a Buddhist monk.

Still, this flick is a great take on the local adventures that occur in every neighborhood in every city. Friday may be a momentous day for Craig and Smokey, but it all ties back to the same old grind: Hanging out on the porch and smoking weed.


Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

Every generation has a marijuana-saturated coming-of-age story. Stoners who grew up in the 70s were lucky enough to land Dazed and Confused, a truly baked study of the social liberation that comes with graduation.

Not surprisingly, it being the 70s, almost everyone in this movie is carrying, except Mitch, of course. Really, there’s no better way to celebrate the best of summer break than to roll a fat boy and toke with the gang from Robert E. Lee.


Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke

There’s really no telling when Up in Smoke is set, winter, spring, fall, or summer, but the Los Angeles sun makes it a fitting choice for any warm weather.

Cheech & Chong travel the mean streets of L.A. in search of drugs, sex, and rock ‘n roll. They successfully evade the law and other scrapes, all while stoned out of their gourds.

Up in Smoke is easily the best movie Cheech & Chong made. It’s a hilarious celebration of weed and bad behavior, perfect for laying back, packing a bowl, and enjoying the antics of America’s favorite summertime potheads.

best stoner music

Summer is a great time to be alive and the only things that can make the endless beach gatherings, backyard barbecues, and balmy nights even better are a stash of good buds and some cool tunes to set the mood. There are literally hundreds of chilled out tunes that make for the best stoner music, but these examples in particular stand out for their groovy vibes, and general air of summer chill.


“Yung Walter White”  by Marc Goone

One of the best things about Marc Goone is how he can combine almost brutal and painful self-awareness and outrageous nonsensical raps in the same tune. “Yung Walter White” is a perfect example, and in it, Goone showcases his breakneck precision flow and staunch individuality against a backdrop of slick beats. Although it all seems a bit too heady for summer on print, the tune melds smoothly and easily with the laid back groove of a summer day.


“Strictly 4 The Jeeps”  by Action Bronson

Straight out of Queens, New York, Action Bronson delivers a smooth, driving flow that is as suited to summer evening drives through the city streets as it is to chilling out in your crib. While the lyrics of many of his tunes may be a bit too graphic for some, there is no denying how well it manages to pull off the ‘summer chill’ vibe.


“Floats My Boat”  – Aer

Those looking for the best stoner music for summer chilling should look no further than Aer’s “Floats My Boat”. With a decidedly summery reggae-ish flavor, the tune nevertheless falls squarely into the chill rap category. Calling to mind memories of endless summer days doing absolutely nothing but hanging with your buds, “Floats My Boat” and many of Aer’s other tunes are hands down some of the best stoner music for reinforcing the good summer vibes.


“Loaded”  – G-Eazy

G-Eazy is one among the new breed of rappers who love their weed but don’t let it get in the way of getting things done. Apart from rapping, composing, and producing his own music, G-Eazy also recently managed to earn a college degree. In “Loaded”, G delivers his trademark New Orleans-flavored raps over a backdrop of quality beats by Young Gerald. The result is a top-notch track just perfect for a summer party.


“All Night Longer”  – Sam Adams

Noticeably more bro-tistic than the other selections on this page, “All Night Longer” by Sam Adams makes it easy to forget that the rapper was responsible for such banging head-nodders as “Boston’s Boy”. Although his newish pop sound may have alienated a lot of his early fans, enough of the swaggering bravado remains to make Adams still one of the top contenders in the summer chill stakes.


“Douchebag”  – Skizzy Mars

Every summer chillout needs a douchebag for contrast, and Skizzy Mars is always happy to oblige. In the appropriately named “Douchebag”, Mars lays down impeccable raps with the precision of a skilled surgeon. Combining blinding talent with a rough and ready sound slightly tempered by just the right touch of studio slick, Mars should be standard issue for any backyard barbecue or summer kegger.


One of the most enduring aspects of the cannabis legalization effort is education. Talk to any marijuana legalization advocate and you will likely unearth a wealth of data, information, and statistics supporting the cause. Many marijuana users have a thirst for knowledge and truth that simply will not be sated, and the film community has gladly obliged with a host of documentaries that seek to uncover the truth about marijuana or explore some fascinating aspect of the culture.

Here are ten of the most educational and most informative marijuana documentaries ever made.

glass-historyGrass – The history of Marijuana

Directed by Ron Mann and narrated by Hollywood actor and hemp activist Woody Harrelson, this 1999 documentary covers marijuana and its various uses from a historical standpoint. Informative as well as entertaining, Grass is an especially detailed account of how propaganda has played a role in the disparaging of cannabis. [watch here]


cannabis duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucumentaryMagic Weed: History of Marijuana

Magic Weed is an informative documentary that focuses on hemp prohibition in its various forms. Directed by Martin Baker, the film takes a historical look into the circumstances surrounding prohibition in the United States, although with a more serious but no less informative tone than “Grass”. [watch here]


marijuana documentaryA NORML Life

Focusing on the legalization advocacy of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws or NORML, “A NORML Life” is an insightful and oftentimes heart-wrenching account of medical marijuana patients from the points of view of marijuana activists, doctors, caregivers, and patients themselves. Directed by Rod Pitman and released in 2011, “A NORML Life” shows just how far the legalization effort has come in the United States. [view trailer]


cannabis documentaryIn Pot We Trust

Although “In Pot We Trust” also features medical cannabis from the points of view of patients, it is refreshing in that it also features opposing views on the subject. Directed by Star Price and released in 2007, “In Pot We Trust” also features informative comments from Dr. Lester Grinspoon. [watch here]


Should I Smoke Dope?

cannabis documentaryThis BBC documentary was directed by Ross Anderson and Nicky Taylor and broadcast in 2008. A bit lighter in approach than most other cannabis documentaries, “Should I Smoke Dope?” is nevertheless an interesting and informative piece on the cannabis industry in Amsterdam. [watch here]


unionThe Union – The Business Behind Getting High

Directed by Brett Harvey, “The Union” is quite possibly the most comprehensive look into the marijuana industry ever committed to digital tape. Released in 2007, the documentary explores the underground cannabis industry in Canada with input from growers, law enforcement authorities, doctors, politicians, and even some celebrities. [watch here]


clearing the smokeClearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

“Clearing the Smoke” is a 2011 documentary directed by Anna Rau. Avoiding the social and political aspects of the marijuana issue, this documentary instead focuses solely on the medicinal aspects of the herb. With an overtly scientific slant, “Clearing the Smoke” is an informative analysis that explores the potential and drawbacks of cannabis in detail. [watch here]


canabisWhat if Cannabis Cured Cancer?

Directed by Len Richmond and released in 2010, “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer?” is solely focused on the effects of cannabis with regard to cancer treatment. Featuring recognized authorities in cancer and cannabis research, the documentary is essential viewing for anyone who is interested in the potential of marijuana for cancer treatment. [watch here]


cannabis documentarySuper High Me

It may have been inspired by “Super Size Me”, but this documentary directed by Michael Blieden and released in 2007 is a certified classic on its own. “Super High Me” follows the adventures of comedian Doug Benson as he follows a 30-day period of abstinence with a 30-day period of daily cannabis use. [watch here]



when we growWhen We Grow, This Is What We Can Do

Directed by Seth Finegold and released in 2011, “When We Grow, This Is What We Can Do” is a UK-focused documentary that covers the cannabis industry in detail, from the industrial age of hemp to the earliest days of prohibition, and the current use of marijuana in the medical field. [watch here]





Even if you don’t normally pay much attention to the current state of television culture, you may have surely noticed that full-blown Game of Thrones infatuation that currently has the world in its grasp. It seems that almost everyone has gone totally crazy for the fantasy-adventure series, and the stoner masses are no exception. Already, dispensaries across the country are coming out with a host of new and imaginative strains, a number of which draw direct inspiration from Game of Thrones. Here are some of the most promising strains currently on the market, no doubt highly approved by the Mother of Dragons.

Whitewalker OG

game of thronesFrom Gold Coast Connection comes an Indica-derived strain that could calm and sedate even the most fearsome Whitewalker. With a lineage that harkens back to the well-respected San Fernando Valley OG Kush, Whitewalker OG is a strain that definitely means serious business. The pleasantly piney and fruity bouquet may lead you to think that this is an ideal strain for relaxation – and it could be in moderate amounts – but too much may leave you locked to the couch for hours mumbling “Hodor” and not much else.

Nevertheless, Whitewalker OG has a powerful, pleasant, and mostly body-focused high that could be very useful for relieving pain and encouraging sleep. If you don’t have anything to do with your evening other than enjoying a season-long Game of Thrones marathon, Whitewalker OG might just be your cup of bud.


blackwaterInspired by the epic Battle of Blackwater that took place in season two, Blackwater is a creation of noted breeder The Cali Connection. Like the episode in which the battle took place, Blackwater has received quite a lot of critical acclaim, as evidenced by its strong third place finish at the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Los Angeles. The offspring of noted strains Mendo Purps and SFV OG Kush, Blackwater started out as an attempt to produce an exceptionally black strain of Kush.

Blackwater may have missed the mark originally aimed for by the breeder, but the resulting strain is definitely no disappointment. With a slightly heavy and drowsy high, Blackwater has a beguiling berry flavor that blends well with some good wine.

Khaleesi Kush

Marijuana BudHighRise Seeds is the breeder of the imaginatively-named Khaleesi Kush, and the up-and-coming outfit has truly outdone itself with this strain. The product of the coming together of two of the most renowned strains in the cannabis world – Pakistani Kush and Bubblegum – Khaleesi Kush immediately took the marijuana community by storm, selling out within a few hours after its online release. Khaleesi Kush has an especially pleasant flavor, due mostly to the Bubblegum in its lineage. With a sweetness that belies its dominant Indica qualities (Khaleesi Kush is a much as 70% Indica), Khaleesi Kush is a pleasant alternative to most Indicas available on the market.

Keep in mind that this strain still exhibits many of the most potent effects of a good Indica however, so moderation is generally advisable.


We’ll leave you with a short clip of the self-described ‘Rastafarian Targaryen.  Cringey? Funny? You decide.

With cannabis culture in full swing all across America, many musical artists have been inspired to share their love of ganja with the rest of the world. In fact, cannabis use is practically a given among most musical artists today, so much so that weed use has become almost ubiquitous. That said, a number of artists have gradually fallen out of love with the mystic herb, and have even come out in public openly claiming to have quit.

Here are some of the most famous stoner musicians who have since quit the stony path.

cudiKid Cudi

The self-professed “lonely stoner” may have been vocal about his weed use for years, but he is now singing a different tune. Expressing frustration at constantly being associated with the drug culture, Kid Cudi announced that he had quit smoking weed in an April 2011 post on Tumblr.

fosterMark Foster

Foster the People front man Mark Foster had already decided to quit smoking weed, but a meeting with one of marijuana’s most vocal and prominent advocates helped him further along on his path. After being discouraged from taking a hit off a blunt by noted weed-aficionado Snoop Dogg, Foster found sufficient reason to keep off the loco weed.

travisTravis Barker

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker was no stranger to the ways of the weed, but worsening health issues forced him to drop the bong in the spring of 2012. Diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus and six ulcers, the tattooed pounder wisely decided to forego the weed in order to ensure his continued ability to be a father and a musician.

ceeloCee Lo Green

Another musician whose health issues caused him to quit smoking weed is Cee Lo Green. The cause: one anxiety attack too many. After a weed-induced episode in the late 1990s, Cee Lo claimed that he never ‘got comfortable’ with marijuana again, and subsequently proceeded to cut it out of his life until allegedly being seen smoking many years later.

george michaelGeorge Michael

There was a time when it seemed that George Michael was always being busted for weed. Among the most noteworthy incidents were possession charges in 2008, and a driving under the influence of cannabis conviction in August 2010, which resulted in a 4-week stint in jail. After a serious case of pneumonia in 2011 however, Michael finally quit weed for good.

andre300Andre 3000

Known for always having an ounce of weed on his person, Andre 3000 took a hard turn toward sobriety in 1998 when he realized that weed was getting the better of him. Apart from doing away with weed, Andre 3000 has since also cut alcohol and meat out of his life.

neilNeil Young

Neil Young has had a number of songs that reference weed explicitly, but the Canadian rocker is now a changed man. After 40 years of using weed in addition to a host of other substances, Young had finally had enough, and set about trying to experience life without marijuana in order to gain a ‘different perspective’.

paulmcPaul McCartney

Of all the members of the Beatles, it was Paul McCartney whose name was most often associated with weed. But every dog has his day, and for McCartney, that day came sometime in 2012 when he was inspired to quit for the sake of his daughter.

gagaLady Gaga

Known for lighting up a joint onstage among other things, Lady Gaga recently gave up the weed after months of self-medication that involved smoking up to 15 joints a day. Although she has largely been sober after going on a ‘bizarre’ retreat that sought to rid her of her addictions, Lady Gaga does admit to smoking weed from time to time.

snoop lionSnoop Lion

This one you’ll have to take with a grain of salt: Snoop Lion. Famously known for his affinity for all things green, Snoop shocked the world in 2003 when he claimed to be quitting weed. It seemed that you can’t teach an old Dogg a new trick however, as the legendary rapper and celebrity admitted to being back on the high horse less than 2 years later.


Stoner movies are as much a part of cannabis culture as bongs and hemp apparel. There are few things that are as enjoyable as chilling in front of the wide screen while enjoying your cannabis preparation of choice, and infamous stoner quotes just make the entire experience even more memorable. Here are some of the more noteworthy stoner quotes from some of the most revered movies in stoner culture.

Dazed and Confused

Starting out the list is the stoner classic Dazed and Confused, in which perpetual high school stoner David Wooderson (played by Matthew McConaughey) asks Mitch Kramer (played by Wiley Wiggins) if he has a joint. After receiving a negative answer, Wooderson says something that most stoners would agree with: “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”

half baked stoner movieHalf Baked

In another revered stoner classic (they’re actually all stoner classics when you think of it), Half Baked, Sir Smoke-a-lot (played by Dave Chappelle) blurts out: “I wanna talk to Samson! Fly me to the moon like that bitch Alice Kramden.” Yes, we’ve all been there Sir Smoke.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Responsible for triggering more than a few relapses and causing a wave of craving when it was released, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was packed full of memorable quotes. For stoners however, it is perhaps Raoul Duke’s (played by Johnny Depp) listing of their drug stash that is most inspirational of all. Comprising weed, as well as a bewildering assortment of pharmaceuticals and mind-altering substances, the list is something that almost any stoner would love to receive in a Christmas stocking.

The quote is pretty long, so we figured we would just show you the clip instead.


Winning points with weed aficionados everywhere, Smokey (played by Chris Tucker) echoes what is probably on the mind of every stoner every time Friday comes along: “I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castlestoner movie

Equally reverential to weed and White Castle burgers, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is also packed with memorable one-liners. In one particularly memorable bit of dialog, Harold (played by John Cho) asks Kumar (played by Kal Penn): “Dude, am I really high, or is this actually working?” The answer? “Both”.

Cheech and Chong – Up in Smoke

No list of stoner quotes would be complete without an example from the pair who started it all. From Pedro De Pacas (played by Cheech Marin) comes this gem: “Is that a joint man? That there looks like a quarter-pounder.

Pineapple Expressstoner movie

A modern-day stoner classic if there ever was one, Pineapple Express is also jam-packed with memorable quotes. One favorite is Red’s (played by Danny McBride) reaction to his high: “I’m trying to decide how stoned I am and just how on the verge of death am I right now. Like, am I seeing shit because I’m stone or because I have no blood left in my body.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Winner of the rhetorical question award goes to Mr. Hand (played by Ray Walston) who asks the timeless question: “What are you people? On dope?!

stoner movieSuper Troopers

So bad that it was good, Super Troopers is a movie that should top any stoner’s ‘must-watch’ list. One particularly noteworthy quote comes from College Boy 2 (played by Joey Kern), who said: “You must have eaten like 100 bucks worth of pot, and like 30 bucks worth of shrooms man. So I’m gonna need that 130 bucks, you know, whenever you get a chance.

Grandma’s Boy

Finally, Grandma’s Boy is a film made more notable by the addition of this winning line by Dante (played by Peter Dante): “I’ll smoke it with ya bro, we’ll go to the loony bin together. I don’t give a fuck.

Let’s just come right out and say it: for many people, drugs are as much a part of music festivals as the music itself. For a growing number of festival-goers, music festivals are increasingly being equated with drugs. For better or worse, music festivals have become the perfect places to check out your favorite bands, enjoy the festivities, and to have your mind bent for a few hours.


It isn’t surprising then that so many Instagram posts associated with music festivals contain anything from passing mentions of drugs to overt depictions of drug use. More than 3 million of these posts were analyzed for mentions of drugs, and the results were published in a chart on the website The results were interesting to say the least, although we would stop short of calling them ‘surprising’!

Perhaps least surprising of all is that Marley Fest-related posts ranked first for cannabis mentions, with Camp Bisco and Bonnaroo following close behind. Here’s how all 15 festivals fared:

Alcohol – In an expected turn of events, alcohol was overwhelmingly popular in Instagram posts related to the Chili Cook-Off, with 90.26% of such posts mentioning alcohol in some way. Alcohol was almost equally popular in Summerfest and Glastonbury-related posts.

Marijuana – As we mentioned earlier, Marley Fest came out on top as far as marijuana-related posts go, with 82.04% of the festival’s posts containing mentions of the plant and/or its various forms. The two festivals with the next highest numbers of marijuana-related posts were Camp Bisco and Bonnaroo.

MDMA – MDMA/Molly/ecstasy was quite popular with the Electric Daisy Carnival crowd, with 42.99% of festival posts mentioning the drug and/or its variations. The crowds at Ultra Music Festival and Camp Bisco also seemed to be enamored with the drug, although to a slightly lesser degree.

Mushrooms – Mushrooms proved to be popular with the Burning Man crowd, with 7.42% of festival posts mentioning mushrooms in some way. Mushrooms were also mentioned in festival posts related to Bonnaroo and Camp Bisco.

Cocaine – Cocaine was mentioned in as many as 12.39% of posts related to Coachella. The drug was also mentioned in 11.76% of Mad Decent Block Party Instagram posts, and 10.67% of Lollapalooza posts.

Crack Cocaine – Crack cocaine proved to be a popular topic with Burning Man festival goers, and to a lesser degree, with guests at Bonnaroo and Glastonbury.

DMT – Burning Man again tops the list as far as DMT-related posts go, followed by Electric Daisy Carnival and Life In Color, although the drug was significantly less popular among fans of these last two festivals.

LSD – Number one as far as LSD-related posts go is…you guessed it: Burning Man. The drug was also quite popular among visitors to the Ultra Music Festival and Camp Bisco.

Opioids and Mescaline – Mad Decent Block Party denizens were quite enamored with opioids, as were guests at Lollapalooza and Holy Ship!. Electric Daisy Carnival fans seemed to have a preference for pills, a taste they shared with fans that went to Tomorrowland and Lollapalooza. Mescaline was popular among – again – Burning Man fans, Camp Bisco, and Electric Daisy Carnival. Camp Bisco-related posts ranked number one for general drug terms, followed by Tomorrowland and Burning Man, which is apparently drug central as far as music festivals go!

Actor Morgan Freeman is no stranger to weed. He has been quoted several times over the years declaring his love for the plant, going so far as to call prohibition “the stupidest law possible.”

Morgan FreemanIn an interview with The Daily Beast in May, Freeman said it’s time to “legalize it across the board!” He explained he’s used the drug for several years to treat chronic pain and believes it should be available across the country.

“My first wife got me into it many years ago,” he said. “How do I take it? However it comes! I’ll eat it, drink it, smoke it, snort it! This movement is really a long time coming, and it’s getting legs – longer legs. Now, the thrust is understanding that alcohol has no real medicinal use. Maybe if you have one drink it’ll quiet you down, but two or three and you’re fucked.”

Weed helped Freeman to recover from car crash

Morgan has been using weed for many years, but an accident seven years ago taught him just how helpful it can be. He was driving across Mississippi when his Nissan Maxima veered off the road and flipped several times. EMTs used the Jaws of Life to remove him from the car, and he was hospitalized while surgeons saved his left arm.

The shoulder, arm, and elbow were crushed, and doctors had to scramble to repair nerve damage. He was left with persistent pain in the arm, as well as problems with blood flow and mobility.

Freeman said he also suffers from fibromyalgia, a condition that causes diffuse muscle pain and tenderness throughout the body. The weed has helped him manage his symptoms, he said.

“Marijuana has many useful uses,” Freeman said. “I have fibromyalgia pain in this arm, and the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana. They’re talking about kids who have grand mal seizures, and they’ve discovered that marijuana eases that down to where these children can have a life. That right there, to me, says, ‘Legalize it across the board!'”

Increasing number of A-listers openly discussing marijuana habits

LeafFreeman belongs to a growing club of A-list celebrities who openly discuss their marijuana habits. Everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Brad Pitt has disclosed at least occasional toking, while younger stars like Miley Cyrus are increasingly opening up about other drug use.

The pot doesn’t seem to have slowed any of these celebs. Freeman was in four movies in each of the last two years, with two released this year and another two on the way. He’s one of the most recognized Hollywood elites, and his very presence tends to give films gravitas they wouldn’t otherwise have.

As proof that weed is a better alternative to booze, Freeman pointed to the Woodstock festivals. Weed was tolerated at the first concert, in 1969, he said, but much less so at the 30th anniversary event.

“Look at Woodstock 1969,” he said. “They said, ‘We’re not going to bother them or say anything about smoking marijuana,’ and not one problem or fight. Then look at what happened in ’99.”