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cannabis lounges las vegas

Las Vegas has succeeded over the years in proving to the rest of the United States that it is possible to legalize, safely regulate, and profit from certain ‘vices’ that are often frowned upon by most of general society. Sex work and gambling have been staples to the unique culture that surrounds the city of Las Vegas that makes any visit unforgettable.

In recent years, recreational marijuana has joined the ranks in being another tourism-inducing sector in the booming economy of Las Vegas. Stoners from all over the world join the other 40 million visitors that come to Las Vegas each year.

Not shortly after marijuana officially became legal for buying, selling, and consuming, dispensaries began to pop up all over the area. Residents and visitors age 21 and over could easily walk into any store that was licensed to sell cannabis and purchase THC and CBD products. It was a dream come true for marijuana enthusiasts. Companies were thriving, and customers kept coming back.

Unfortunately, there was one small barrier preventing many tourists from being able to legally consume recreational cannabis. It was the fact that there was nowhere for people from out of town to actually smoke their newly purchased weed.

Smoking in a hotel room is out of the question, with smoke detectors and imposed fines for anyone who gets caught. Using a rental car as a mobile smoking lounge is dangerous and unnecessarily complicated. Plus, the majority of the time rental agencies make you sign something agreeing not to smoke inside the vehicle. It’s not like weed has the most discreet smell. It’s pretty obvious when someone is smoking in public, and it can be a jerk move to smoke when children and families are around.

While some people chose to purchase edibles as to not create a scene, many opt for blunts or pre-rolls, with a smell that is both fragrant and lingering. This seemingly small issue was becoming a big problem for tourists. No one wants to risk getting arrested for smoking recreational marijuana in public while on vacation.

City officials heard these complaints and this month voted to allow the establishment of “marijuana lounges.” It seems almost like a given. There are places for people to drink with like-minded people, why not create bars and clubs specifically for marijuana too? Las Vegas has taken the idea of the best high that money can buy to the next level. The stress of finding a place to smoke will no longer be a part of the typical stoner’s holiday.

When a city decides to legalize something that potentially be dangerous and is known to be controversial, it is important to cover all the bases. Creating designated spaces for smokers to safely consume their product not only brings in money to the community but also makes for a more enjoyable experience for all that are involved. Although the newest ordinance passed allows for the establishment of ‘marijuana lounges,’ the locations are limited and there are several restrictions in place.


Once upon a time movies featuring characters getting high were relegated to “novelty acts” like Cheech and Chong or were presented as cautionary tales, like the infamous Reefer Madness. As prohibition has started to melt away, so have taboos and stereotypes. It’s unsurprising to see smarter characterizations of marijuana use in film these days, as cannabis culture remains a reflection of the times. So it is with a new movie from director Harmony Korine, called The Beach Bum. Korine made a splash in the 1990’s with his cinema verite masterpiece, Kids, which launched Chloe Sevigny’s career as well. The Beach Bum features Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey, who are both high-profile marijuana advocates and enthusiasts. They’ve been working the promo circuit to promote the film, and had a few laughs over their shared interest in cannabis.

In this hilarious interview on Jimmy Kimmel, the two are clearly friends for life and not just because of their love of cannabis. Turns out Snoop was already a big fan of McConaughey, and wanted to work with him. He agreed to do the film provided he could change the name of his character — Korine basically wanted him to just play himself — and make a few script notes. The two performers seem so at ease with each other, it’s hard to believe they haven’t filmed one of those wacky “buddy cop” films previously. The one small clip from the movie looks better than any such film, however, as Snoop, who plays “Ray” as in “Lingerie,” describes a mystical strain of cannabis he says only grows in a certain special part of Jamaica. In the clip, Ray has created an entire purple room dedicated to this magical plant. As McConaughey tells Kimmel, “be ready to laugh.”

Back in 1999, McConaughey was arrested after playing bongos nude while high. Well, technically he was arrested for “disturbing the peace” when a Texas neighbor didn’t like him playing bongos and dancing in the nude. This incident is what led Kimmel to quip, “it’s like bongs and bongos came together.” Still, just because McConaughey is no stranger to cannabis doesn’t mean he planned on working while high. Although that’s something pretty familiar for Snoop.

In fact, the Dazed and Confused star tells a story of the first scene shot with he and Snoop, which was supposed to use “stunt weed” that’s just oregano rolled into a blunt. The scene lasts several minutes, and the blunt is passed between the two with copious amounts of smoke being inhaled all the while. McConaughey says he asked specifically for the oregano, but when he mentions feeling a little different Snoop tells him, “that’s not prop weed, that’s Snoop weed.” As you might imagine, Snoop’s a fan of high potency smoke. Snoop says McConaughey “rapped” for 13 hours after that scene!

It sounds like Beach Bum is a lighthearted departure for Harmony Korine, with pitch-perfect casting. Jimmy Buffett, the chart-topping sailor/singer who used to tour around the same places and times as The Grateful Dead, also makes a brief appearance in the film. While Buffett isn’t as outspoken as Snoop about cannabis, his fans have been known to be drinkers and smokers, and the cannabis culture is definitely a part of Buffett’s songwriting in subtle ways at times. Snoop says he truly enjoyed working with Buffett, although it’s clear that he and McConaughey made a lasting connection. Who knows, maybe we’ll see that buddy cop film some day after all — just probably not involving cracking down on weed smokers.


The canine days of August have arrived, and with them the waves of heat, humidity, and global warming that make potheads want to hunker down indoors, crank the AC, and watch a few dozen hours of classic stoner movies.

While we can’t fit that bill in 500 words, we’ll get you started with four great flicks to watch while stoned this summer. And don’t feel bad about wasting valuable sunlight hours with the blinds closed and the flatscreen on: If you feel the need, just drag a TV, a chair, and an extension cord to your front lawn and spark up until the neighbors complain.

Summer School (1987)

Mark Harmon in Summer School
Mark Harmon in Summer School

Mark Harmon got his start in this classic 1980s comedy as a high school gym teacher stuck with a remedial class of borderline dropouts he doesn’t particularly want to teach. Summer School has almost everything for the hottest weeks of the year: beaches, bikinis, and surf bums.

There is no grass to be found onscreen, and weed has nothing to do with the plot. But it’s Hawaii, it’s summer, and a bunch of teenagers are stuck in class. We’re pretty sure they were all stoned. You’d have to be.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Trying to rank John Hughes movies is a hopeless task, but only two truly capture the visceral thrill of being a teenager at the end of the school year: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club. That’s a hard choice, but we’re going with the latter – this year, anyway.

Trapped in detention as the clock ticks toward summer, five students at Shermer High School smoke pot, cry, and share their feelings. A typical high school Saturday, in other words. Also, a perfect way to relive a time in your life when summer was actually a “vacation.”

Orange County (2002)

Jack Black and Colin Hanks in Orange County (2002)

Orange County, one of the most underrated comedies of the early 2000s, gave us Jack Black at his stony, zonked-out best. It’s never quite clear what he’s been taking, but it’s clear he’s been taking some good shit.

Orange County itself is rapidly changing these days. Long a conservative bastion surrounded by Southern California liberals, it is fast moving to the left. Even legal medical marijuana is on the rise again. But we will always have Lance Brumder to remind us of the bad old days in the land of Richard Nixon and McMansions.

Dazed and Confused (1993)

Few movies are so closely linked to the stoner life as Richard Linklater’s Central Texas classic, Dazed and Confused. For the early 1990s, this was a pretty daring look at the boring, frustrating life of teenagers during the bicentennial, including the heavy toking that made that era slightly more bearable.

Also, this movie gave us some of the best lines in all of stoner filmdom. “You cool, man?” “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.” “She was a hip, hip lady, man.” There’s something here for everyone born after 1958 who has ever sparked a J, cashed a keg, or otherwise gotten wasted as a way to forget the misery of adolescence.

It’s not much of a surprise to most people that medical marijuana is legal in California – and easy to get. But just how easy? Late night host Jimmy Kimmel recently posed that question to Hollywood passersby in his “Ask a Pedestrian” segment.

Jimmy Kimmel“Twenty-four states have legalized medical marijuana, which means our country is now officially half-baked,” Kimmel joked. “Our state, California, was the first to legalize medical marijuana, but we aren’t so strict when it comes to why doctors can prescribe marijuana.”

It’s true: almost any health “problem” can land you a medical weed card. Anxiety, depression, even everyday headaches can qualify you for the good stuff. So Kimmel stopped pedestrians to ask whether they carry MMJ cards, then challenged the audience to guess what the answers would be. If yes, what condition were these fine people “treating” with pot?

Question: Do you have a MMJ card?

Randy from Hollywood was an easy guess for the crowd. “I think if your name is Randy, they just give you a card, no questions asked,” Kimmel said. He was right. When the interviewer asked Randy if he had a card, Randy answered, “I sure do,” then stared off into space for a while. So why does Randy carry the card? He gave the best answer he could muster: “Yeah, you kind of need one to have a medical . . . to have a medical . . .” and got no further than that.

The audience was pretty confident about Joy from Los Angeles, too. Indeed, she said, “I sure do.” For what condition? “The condition is children, jobs, um, life.” Hear, hear. And as Kimmel pointed out, those are serious disorders. “You know, there’s a zero percent survival rate on life,” he said. “It’s true.”

Next came Josh from Salt Lake City, Utah, and while he could barely string a sentence together, he confirmed the crowd’s guess that he has no card. He could sure use one, though. “I really want one for my birthday or Christmas, either one, I’ll take it,” Josh said. When asked how long it had been since he toked, his answer was gold: “Since I was 16 years old, girl.” The interviewer repeated the question, and Josh responded, “Oh, I’ve been smoking all day, girl.”

Demetrius from Savannah, Ga., assured the audience that he uses medical marijuana and is legal and everything. To what end? He carries his card, he said, for “suspect glaucoma.” Which means what, exactly? “It means that in the future, it’s a possibility that I could have glaucoma.” Well said, sir. Well said.

Bob, meanwhile, was visiting from Denver and disappointed the audience by disclosing he has no card. His son does, though. For what purpose? “To buy his dad medical marijuana.”

Finally there was Justin of Los Angeles, a man dressed in superhero spandex designed to look something like Superman. Surely this man uses medical pot, right? Sadly, no. Maybe it would get in the way of his mission to save mankind or something. Either way, he does carry munchies in his fanny pack – but sadly, he has no good reason to need them.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton talked up medical marijuana during a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live in March. She didn’t soften on her current opposition to legalizing the drug at the federal level but said she supports significant reform.

Hillary ClintonThe conversation started with Kimmel reading a joking email from Clinton, who described ordering apples, which she swore wasn’t code for pot. Kimmel then moved to her position on legalization under federal law.

Clinton, former first lady, senator, and secretary of state, differs with her opponent in the Democratic primaries, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, on how to approach cannabis reform. Sanders has called for full legalization at the federal level, while Clinton says she wants to give states more time to prove the idea works.

Clinton support state laws and federal rescheduling of marijuana

“I think what the states are doing right now needs to be supported,” Clinton said, emphasizing the federal government should learn more before moving toward legalization. “There are still a lot of questions we have to answer at the federal level. What I’ve said is, let’s take it off what’s called the ‘schedule one,’ and put it on a lower schedule and actually do research about it.”

Schedule one is one of five categories of drugs included in the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Substances in this schedule include heroin, LSD, and peyote – as well as marijuana.

The drug’s inclusion has bothered activists and reformers for decades. Schedule one is limited to the drugs considered most dangerous, most addictive, and least medically useful. But cannabis has many proven medical uses, a fact Clinton acknowledged.

Indisputable evidence of efficacy of medical marijuana

“There is some great evidence about what marijuana can do for people” who suffer from cancer, chronic disease and pain, she said. The drug’s listing on schedule one prevents most research into its efficacy as medication and its safety for general adult use.

Jimmy KimmelClinton, like Sanders, favors removing cannabis to schedule 2 or a lower list. Schedule 2 includes drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine, which are considered dangerous and addictive but medically useful under limited circumstances.

Sanders wants to move marijuana to an even lower schedule, allowing for full legalization, or to remove it from the Controlled Substances Act altogether. Clinton, for her part, has said she’ll keep an open mind about further drug reforms.

Downgrading cannabis is difficult under current law and the politics of the Obama administration. Either Congress or the DEA can reschedule the drug, but lawmakers have balked and President Barack Obama has refused to direct the DEA to act. Without a direct order from the president, the agency almost certainly won’t move to reschedule the drug.

Kimmel closed his marijuana chat with Clinton with another joke – noting that his sidekick Guillermo has been researching the issue all on his own.

Post a comment: Do you think Hillary would accept legalization once if she’s elected president?


Chicago rapper Twista, known in large part for his rhymes about marijuana use, was busted in March on a misdemeanor cannabis charge as he was on his way to perform at an Indiana night club.

Carl Terrell Michell, aka Twista
Carl Terrell Michell, aka Twista

Twista, whose legal name is Carl Terrell Mitchell, was arrested March 25 during a traffic stop in Northwest Indiana. He was a passenger in a black Rolls-Royce traveling on a local highway in Portage, Ind., and police stopped the car for allegedly tailgating an SUV.

The stop happened at about 10:30 p.m., shortly before the rapper was scheduled to perform at the Big Shots bar in South Haven, Ind., according to the Porter County Sheriff’s Office. An officer approached the Rolls-Royce and reportedly smelled burned cannabis from inside the car.

Pulled over for tailgating

The officer asked the driver to exit the car, and the driver told the officer he was tailing the SUV because it, too, was headed to the club. The driver said he knew the people in the other vehicle.

The driver also said he was driving Twista to the show along with an entourage that included two other passengers in the Rolls-Royce, and admitted he and his passengers had smoked marijuana in the car. The officers searched the Rolls-Royce and allegedly found a half ounce of cannabis in a stash can, police said. The driver and his three passengers were all arrested after denying the pot was theirs.

Police claimed they targeted the Rolls-Royce because of past problems with violence at the club. Marijuana possession is still a crime in Indiana, punishable by up to 180 days in jail and $1,000 in fines for 30 grams or less. Penalties jump to one year in jail and $5,000 in fines if the defendant has a prior drug conviction. These are some of the most punitive cannabis possession laws in the United States.

Indiana’s strict cannabis possession laws

TwistaPolice said they intentionally targeted Twista and his entourage because they expected they would draw a large crowd to Big Shots.

“The information we received regarding the two booked at Big Shots (Twista on March 24 and Montana of 300 on March 25) alleged they would bring a large crowd to the area,” Porter County Sheriff David Reynolds said in a statement. “In the past, violence had erupted at these rap artists’ concerts.”

Twista, 42, faces a single count of misdemeanor marijuana possession along with the driver, Johnnie Eull, 42; passenger Michael Alton Moore, 43; and passenger Darrin Jamar Woody, 26. They were released on $500 cash bond each.

Twista is well-known for his rhymes about marijuana, among other topics. In “Fire,” released in 2009, he raps about toking: “Looking at me rolling the blunt / And I’m huffing and puffing / I can’t get enough of this stuff and I’m losing my logic / You could smell it all on my follicles.”

Tell us: Are Indiana’s marijuana laws too harsh? Do arrests like these help or hurt the rap community? Comment below.

Every stoner loves a good stoner flick. Just like every stoner loves a great marijuana quote. So why not mix the two?

Pothead movies are full of outstanding dialogue about weed and the lifestyle that goes with it. So here, in no particular order, are the most quotable movies featuring dope and the people who smoke it.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express may be the single most quotable stoner movie ever made. The plot centers entirely around pot, so good lines aren’t hard to find. And with James Franco and Seth Rogen on the bill, you know they know what they’re talking about.

Franco: “This is like if that Blue Oyster shit met that Afghan Kush I had, and they had a baby. And then, meanwhile, that crazy Northern Lights stuff I had and the Super Red Espresso Snowflake met and had a baby. And by some miracle, those two babies met and fucked – this would be the shit that they birthed.”

Franco: “I wish I had a job like that. Where I could just sit around and smoke weed all day.”
Rogen: “Hey, you do have that job. You do sit around and smoke weed all day.”

Saul: “It’s almost a shame to smoke (Pineapple Express). It’s like killing a unicorn . . . with, like, a bomb.”


Up in Smoke

Cheech and Chong set the standard for stoner movies with their classic Up in Smoke. And the quotes are fast and thick. As the pothead duo cruise around Los Angeles, they spout some wisdom for the ages.

Cheech: “Man, what is in this shit, man?”
Chong: “Mostly Maui Waui man, but it’s got some Labrador in it.”
Cheech: “What’s Labrador?”
Man Stoner: “It’s dog shit.”


Dazed and Confused

Dazed and ConfusedHigh school can be great, and it can also be downright awful. Dazed and Confused captures that double-edged sword, and in the process produces some outstanding weed-related lines.

Wooderson: “Say, man, you got a joint?”
Mitch: “No, not on me, man.”
Wooderson: “It’d be a lot cooler if you did.”

Slater: “Behind every good man there is a woman, and that woman was Martha Washington, man. And every day George would come home, she would have a big fat bowl waiting for him, man, when he came in the door, man, she was a hip, hip, hip lady, man.”


Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

It’s been 12 years and a few more movies since Harold and Kumar journeyed to the home of the greasy Slider. But the quotes they uttered are timeless. When you smoke pot at every conceivable opportunity, you gain some real insight on the subject.

Kumar, in surgery: “Hang on a second, nurse. What we should probably use is marijuana. That’ll sufficiently sedate the patient for surgery.”
Nurse: “Marijuana? But why?”
Kumar: “We don’t have time for questions. We need marijuana now, as much of it as possible! Like a big bag of it.”


What’s your favorite stoner movie quote? What’s your favorite stoner movie? Comment below.


Movies go better with marijuana. It’s no secret that America’s cinemas are packed full of potheads, many of who have no idea what’s happening on the screen.

When it comes to film, sometimes you want action flicks, sometimes rom-coms, and sometimes sci-fi. And sometimes you want a great documentary, especially if it’s about your favorite drug. So here’s our list of the five best weed docs. Prepare to be enlightened.

Weed 3 (2015)

CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta made this insightful documentary about the state of medical marijuana in America. It shows how patients get doctors’ recommendations, how they get the drug, and how the country launched the disastrous war on drugs. That conflict, Gupta reported, is “based on lies.”

But the report’s heart lies in the story of Charlotte, a young girl who suffers from severe, intractable epilepsy. Cannabis quickly restored her to the life of a normal child, something Gupta described as a medical miracle. The story moved him so much he dropped his longtime opposition to marijuana reform and wholeheartedly endorsed MMJ.

Watch Weed 3 below.


The Union: The Business Behind Getting High (2007)

This informative documentary is packed full of facts on the history of marijuana prohibition. One of the biggest obstacles to reform, the movie says, is a massive pharmaceutical industry that could lose money if cannabis is legalized.

There are interviews with cultivators, law enforcement, doctors, politicians, economists, and celebrities. The movie also explores the many benefits of legalization – and does it better than the vast majority of weed docs.

Watch The Union: The Business Behind Getting High below.


A NORML Life (2011)

This profile of the country’s most famous marijuana advocacy group proves the effectiveness of medical marijuana using interviews with patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. A NORML Life also pushes hard for legalization.

For those who don’t know, NORML stands for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. It was founded in 1965 and has worked tirelessly for legalization ever since.



420 – The Documentary (2013)

Hypocrisy is the focus of this probing movie: government hypocrisy, police hypocrisy, medical hypocrisy. The story includes footage from past 4/20 celebrations and tells the stories of college students, young black men, and other people whose lives have been destroyed by overzealous law enforcement.

420 – The Documentary tracks the history of cannabis policy, starting with the advent of prohibition in the 1930s, and presents several interviews with retired police who describe the horrific marijuana policies they now regret enforcing.

420 the documentary


The Future of Weed: High Country (2013)

Marijuana culture, history, and medical treatments are covered in detail in this 2013 documentary, which explores the background behind legalization efforts and the many ancient medical uses of the drug.

Cannabis was listed under schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, making it completely illegal under federal law. The Future of Weed digs into the folly of this decision, which has landed countless people – mostly black men – in prison.

Watch The Future of Weed: High Country below.



Music and weed go hand in hand. A pair of headphones, an overflowing bowl, and a few hours worth of The Allman Brothers Band make for a perfect morning, afternoon, or evening.

Musicians know this. That’s why so many of them smoke up. But not every artist is made equal, so here’s a list of the best musician potheads of all time.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop DoggEver since his early days with Dr. Dre and The Chronic, Snoop Dogg has served as the de facto celebrity spokesman for marijuana in America. God knows he uses the stuff: If his claims are to be believed, he has toked more than almost anyone else on the planet.

There are strains named after him. His raps make frequent mention of the “indo.” He brags that he once lit a joint in the White House, with the Secret Service a room away. Best of all, though, his music is the ideal soundtrack to a life spent loving weed.


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Marijuana use is surprisingly common in the country music scene. Even Toby Keith has shared a J with Willie Nelson – and written a great song about it.

But nobody plays the role of country stoner quite like Willie. He’s been toking for decades, he’s notorious for using more of the strongest weed than anyone else in the business, and his music is probably better than anything else in country.


Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

The greatest jazz troubadour of all time credited cannabis with saving his life, or at least keeping him away from booze. He was arrested, once, but managed to carry on with his favorite drug for the rest of his life.

Miles Davis, himself a heroin addict, famously accused Armstrong of selling out to please white audiences. Ironically, Davis, jazz’s No. 2, may have lived up to Armstrong’s legacy if he had gone with pot instead of smack.


Bob Marley

Bob Marley

No musician is more linked with marijuana in the popular mind than Bob Marley. The reggae genius viewed the drug as a sacrament and pushed for the religious right to use it in Jamaica.

Of course, the best thing about Marley is his music. He all but created modern reggae and infused it with a deep social conscience that has kept it relevant for decades. With an eye on the poor, a feeling for justice, and a love of his countrymen, Marley has long since become an icon of musical rebellion – and of marijuana.


Amy Winehouse

Amy WinehouseThough usually associated more with hard drugs such as crack cocaine than with marijuana, Winehouse was also a frequent toker. Had she stuck to this as her drug of choice, she might still be alive.

But she was an addict, she used heroin, and that was what killed her. Thankfully, her tragic death left the world with some of the best popular music of the last quarter century. She may not be remembered for using marijuana, but she will always be a welcome member of the stoner world.



Honestly, is there ever a situation that doesn’t call for a few rips of marijuana?

Black Marijuana SmokerWell, yes, there is. Try taking a college exam while stoned and you’ll see what we mean. Or get behind the wheel baked (please don’t) and you might see what we mean from the inside of a jail cell. Even a relaxing afternoon with friends or family can turn south if they both know you’re baked and think weed is an evil gateway drug.

But that doesn’t mean your chosen pastime is inappropriate for many other places, times, and circumstances. In that vein, here are four times when cannabis is an absolute must.

At the Beach

We know, it’s January, and thoughts of warm sand and warm water are hibernating just like all of us. But winter fantasies can keep the cold at bay, so allow yourself to daydream of an ocean beach and the coming summer. The side of the United States really doesn’t matter, though the culture of beach toking is stronger on the West Coast.

There is something almost inexplicable about the combination of pot and saltwater. Hell, a lake shore will do. Even a riverbank gives you that mix of water, sand, and fine marijuana. Whatever your local options, find fine sand, drop a blanket, lie on it, and smoke to your heart’s content. The quiet sound of waves or running water will lull you into a deeply relaxing experience. Plus, it connects you to nature, and that’s always a good thing.

On a Hike

Speaking of nature, where better to suck down a joint than in the great outdoors? Whether surrounded by forest, mountains, or endless prairie, the blend of unpolluted air, moderate exercise, and unspoiled vistas provide the perfect backdrop for a refreshing day with your favorite drug.

Be cautious, though. Almost all if not all public parks in the country explicitly ban smoking of any kind, including both tobacco and marijuana. And the government doesn’t take these rules lightly. More than a few unlucky souls have been fined and even prosecuted for lighting up on public property. This is especially true in our national park system.

At the Movies

cannabisDoes it really matter what movie you see after a few rips from the gravity bong? Pretty much any film goes better with weed, unless maybe you’re dealing with Schindler’s List or otherwise depressing material.

But certain choices are more ideal than others. Getting blasted before seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens may be a great idea, but it’s probably an even better idea to see it sober first. Still, almost anything with real imagination works. The point is, marijuana can enhance almost any story – even the tripe that typically comes out of Hollywood.

On the Ski Slope

High mountain air. Powdered virgin snow. Steep, challenging runs. The ski slope is the perfect place to tuck behind some trees and light up.

And you won’t be alone. Skiiers are notorious for their love of the icky, and you can expect to smell that wonderful smell during any ski trip in the Rockies. Plus, odds are good you’ll be in Colorado, where cannabis is legal. That almost makes the whole thing too easy, but not so easy you shouldn’t try it at least once.

Naturally, there are plenty of other opportunities to smoke up, but these are at least a few of the mandatory experiences. So pack up for a lovely day, and whatever you do, don’t forget the weed!