For Denver’s Julie Dooley, cooking with cannabis is all in a day’s work. The owner of Julie & Kate Baked Goods, Dooley utilizes a wide variety of ingredients in her popular creations, including cannabis.

Dooley caters mainly to the medical marijuana market, which is why she is always focused on making her products as healthy and as flavorful as possible. All of her company’s baked goods are free of gluten, and most have some cannabis in them. With a product line comprised of granola-sunflower-pumpkin-seed mixes and even cannabis butter, Dooley is able to meet the needs of her community’s growing medical marijuana market.

Proper Testing Procedures

Dooley is a firm believer in the medicinal qualities of cannabis, and as such, she is always careful to monitor the quality of the cannabis used in her products, as well as the dosage of each. Each and every product in the Julie & Kate Baked Goods line is monitored precisely for cannabis content, such as the cannabis butter that retails for $25 to $30 for a 1.5 ounce jar. This particular product is routinely tested in a laboratory in order to maintain the proper concentration of cannabis.

Ensuring the proper dosage is an important concern in states that have legalized the use of marijuana for medical and even recreational purposes. Genifer Murray of CannLabs feels that precisely controlling the concentration of marijuana in each edible product will help make it easier for users to regulate their intake. It has traditionally been very difficult to determine the potency of marijuana and marijuana-based products, but there are currently measures that seek to standardize the potency of marijuana products sold commercially. In Colorado, for example, edible cannabis products will likely have a maximum cannabis content of 100 milligrams.

The Popularity of Cannabis Butter

Cannabis butter is one of the most popular edible forms of cannabis. Dooley herself admits that making the butter at home is a fairly easy process, but that it is very time-consuming. Dooley also warns of the need for plenty of plants, and of the difficulty of determining THC content without proper laboratory equipment and testing.

The cannabis butter at Julie & Kate Baked Goods is one of the company’s most popular products. Dooley makes her butter with the “sugar trim” leaves, which tend to have a high concentration of THC. The leaves are first brewed in clarified butter, a process that takes as long as 24 hours. Dooley carefully maintains a temperature range of between 280°C to 325°F in order to extract the maximum amount of THC without actually causing to it to evaporate. At present, the cannabis butter sold at Julie & Kate Baked Goods comes only in 200-milligram concentrations.

Like many in the legal marijuana industry, Dooley seems to be more concerned about providing access to cannabis to people in need rather than about turning a profit. As the owner of Julie & Kate Baked Goods said, “We believe passionately that (edible marijuana products) can help people”.


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