Most people who buy drugs still buy them the old-fashioned way: on the street, from a dealer who gets his stuff from a bigger dealer, who gets it from a shipper, who gets it from a processor, who gets it from the maker.

Darknet DrugsBut times change, and even cannabis consumers must evolve. So what are the New Age options? Is it really possible to get your weed off the Internet? Where? And how?

Well, we’re not going to tell you how, at least not the specifics. Buying drugs online is as much a crime as buying them from your local dealer, and we’re not here to help you break the law. But we can give you a pretty good idea of how the whole thing works – and it does work. First, you need to know the background.

The Dark Web

For years now, intrepid web surfers have been carving out a secure, highly anonymous corner of the Internet known as the Deep Web. Despite their ominous reputation, the websites that comprise this region serve many legitimate purposes. They protect journalists and their sources; they encourage political dissent in totalitarian countries; and they give troubled teens a place to seek honest, anonymous advice, among other societal benefits.


But there is definitely a sketchy side to the Deep Web, it’s known as the Darknet, and that’s where you can find drugs. Also, weapons, stolen credit card data, fake IDs, hacking services, guides to committing fraud, and almost any other contraband you could possibly imagine.

Anonymous web browsing

To get there, you need something called Tor. It’s a special web browser made by the people at the Tor Project, which began many years ago as a contract for the U.S. Navy. Tor’s purpose is to allow you to surf the Internet without leaving tracks or publicly identifying yourself.

Governments follow your web behavior using your IP address, a string of numbers that identifies the “node” connecting your computer to the Internet. In other words, whenever you visit a website, your IP address exposes your computer’s identity. Obviously this is a problem when you’re trying to score illegal drugs.

Tor works by encrypting your IP address and data and then bouncing them between a series of dedicated servers on the way to their destination. Each relay decrypts a single layer of data (but not the IP address), leaving the full data exposed at the end of the line. This means only the last relay has access to the actual message that leaves your computer – and that person has no way of identifying you.

Beware of the risks

Nucleus Market, DarknetThere are several drug markets on the Darknet. It’s not hard to find them, but you should know they go belly up frequently, cutting dealers and customers off from hundreds or thousands of digital dollars.

This money comes in the form of bitcoins, the only currency most Darknet markets will accept. Exchanging U.S. dollars for bitcoins is anything but easy, and that alone makes the job of buying marijuana or other drugs a pain in the butt.

A final word of caution before we move on to Part 2. For obvious reasons, the Darknet is a scammer’s delight. Very few honest people operate there, and while it’s certainly possible to score drugs, it’s also highly likely you’ll lose a few hundred bucks in the process. Everyone gets scammed, even the scammers.

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