Burn One Down

Ben Harper‘s song, Burn One Down, has the lyrics, “If you don’t like my fire, then don’t come around, ’cause I’m gonna burn one down.”

The power here is in the ability of these words to completely circumnavigate sex, religion and politics.  That’s no small feat, and this particular one does so in less than 20 words.  Chris Cornell, when asked about great lyrics, once said that its strength lies in the “ability to say as much as possible, using as few words as possible.”

So when asked where I stand on the issues, particularly on the legalization of marijuana, I can pretty much sum it up with that one sentence.  It’s a more direct way of stating the “want” for Constitutional rights to be recognized around here.  And, yes, that’s pretty direct…but collectively, it is becoming the war-cry of the entire counter-culture movement.

Ben Harper | Burn One Down
Ben Harper | Burn One Down

And that, to those of you still reading, is my opinion, to which I’m entitled and is afforded me by constitutional right.  Understand that does not make my opinion a law, and you’d think that wouldn’t have to be pointed out. After all, take Colorado and Washington. Both states went through the entire political process, playing the games, crossing their t’s and dotting their i’s. Both states voted to legalize marijuana. But at any given moment, the federal government can swoop in and crash that party Elvis doing karate. Sometimes I feel like we may live in the Twilight Zone.

…And Your Point Is?

Back to my point: Ben Harper wrote a stoner song that is brilliant in its total negation of political paradigm, yet somehow, with avid bow-hunter accuracy, perfectly says what every person with a sound mind, who isn’t consumed by the “want to be disagreeable to anything remotely considered liberal (Ted Nugent)” really thinks.  That’s my opinion.  That’s Ben Harper’s song.  And this, my friends, is where I stop writing. Stay green.


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