We first reported on Michigan baby Bree Green last month, when the six-month-old was taken from her parents, Steve and Maria Green, because her mother was a licensed medical marijuana grower.

Maria Green with daughter Bree Green via https://www.facebook.com/FreeBabyBree

The saga itself was well documented by Stoner Things and made headlines throughout Michigan as the couple waged countless legal battles to get their daughter back. Finally, in late October, the court agreed to let the Greens take Bree back home provided the parents take a mandatory 30 day parenting class and submit Bree to regular drug-testing. A small, if acidic, price to pay for their daughter.

Bree was first taken on September 13th when a CPS (Children’s Protective Services) caseworker visited the house following a report from Maria’s ex-husband that the home was unfit for children. When the caseworkers demanded access to the Greens’ grow-room, they were told to get a warrant due to a provision in the state’s medical marijuana laws that prevents more than one person accessing it at a time. The caseworkers responded by petitioning the court to remove the child.

This seemed directly counter to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, which voters passed in 2008 to guarantee that medical marijuana users can’t be denied custody of their children. Both parents are licensed users while Maria is a licensed grower.

CPS maintained that marijuana in the house was dangerous to children, if for nothing else then someone could rob the home at gunpoint looking for the drug and the children might be present.

The Greens thought they may get their daughter back by early October, but there was a delay when the state drug-tested Bree and found 0.3 picograms of cannabis in her fair follicles, which is close to the minimum amount detected by THC tests.

But the whole affairs appears to be over as the Greens welcome their daughter home with open arms.


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