Everyone can spot a stoner when they see one, right? Grungy, long hair, a little smelly, maybe? And lazy. Oh, how lazy!

Well, maybe not so much. No two people are the same, even if they use the same drug. Just go to a Cannabis Cup convention. Or an AA meeting.

Still, stoner stereotypes can be a lot of fun. Just like lawyers love lawyer jokes, we stoners often revel in the world’s poor understanding of us. In that spirit, here are a few of the most common stereotypes pinned on pot smokers.

We’re Lazy

Lazy Stoner


This is probably the biggest stoner stereotype of them all. We weed hounds are often portrayed as shiftless slobs, layabouts, bums. Of course, sometimes the stereotype is spot on. Couchlock is notorious for killing ambition, at least temporarily.

But that isn’t true of all marijuana. Unlike indica pot, which tends to induce couchlock, sativa cannabis is known to produce a heady, bubbly high perfect for daytime activities.

And it goes without saying that most stoners hold down regular jobs. How else would we pay for our weed?

We’re Addicts

Snorting Marijuana

Roughly 9 percent of marijuana users develop an addiction to the drug. That may sound like a lot, but it really isn’t. More people are addicted to weed than to other illicit drugs, but that’s only because so many people love pot.

By comparison, more than 15 percent of cocaine users become addicted. Twenty-four percent of drinkers abuse alcohol, while the same percentage of heroin users develops an addiction to that drug. That means cannabis is the least addictive of the major recreational substances.

More importantly, it’s clear marijuana just doesn’t cause the same damage in people’s lives as alcohol, cocaine, or heroin – or, for that matter, prescriptions drugs. Cannabis is a lifestyle for many, but that doesn’t mean we’re drug fiends.

We Can’t Dress Ourselves


Stoners only wear green T-shirts emblazoned with marijuana leaves. We wear the same clothes for a week or more. We prefer to cut our own hair.

Yes, there’s a lot of pot-related apparel out there. And yes, much of it is cheap and awful. But that hardly means we all dress the same.

Most tokers are nine-to-fivers. Many wear business suits and carry briefcases. Not to mention the countless older users and medical patients who pay no heed to stoner style.

We Have No Idea Where We Are


We stoners may wander aimlessly from time to time. But we almost always make it home just fine.

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not idiots, and we generally know what we’re doing. We may not waste our time sitting for Mensa exams, but that doesn’t mean we’re dumber than anyone else. If behavior is a guide, we may be smarter.

If you need proof, just consider all the brainiacs who smoke up: Ted Turner, Rick Steves, Andrew Sullivan, Jay Z. And those are just the media personalities. Certified geniuses like Carl Sagan and Stephen Jay Gould have been known to puff, too. Smarties use weed, just like everyone else.


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