Stoners who live in Colorado, Washington State, and Alaska have it good, with legal weed, widespread pot shops, and dropping marijuana prices. Lucky bastards.

The rest of us, though, are forced to buy illegal weed from the black market. It has an upside in that it’s still slightly sleazy, which is half the point of smoking dope. But mostly it’s a hassle: unreliable dealers, overpriced reggies, and harassment from the popo.

Sadly, pot possession is harshly punished in more than a few states. So to help stoners who are looking for a new start – or just a chance to brag – here’s a list of the top five places for illegal weed.


Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Surprisingly, America’s smallest state is also the No. 1 place for potheads. Its residents smoke more grass per capita than the residents of any other state.

What’s more, Rhode Island is on a shortlist of states likely to legalize recreational marijuana soon. Rhode Island lawmakers could vote on a legalization bill as early as this year.



marijuana california

Weed is still technically ‘illegal’ in the Golden State, but even hermits living in the remote jungles of South America know that doesn’t really mean anything. If you toke, this is one of the easiest places on Earth to do it.

California is considered a strong bet to go legal in 2016. Advocates tried last year but never managed to get an initiative on the ballot. But the state already has the most open medical marijuana system in the world (also the oldest), so buying the drug is easier than it is almost anywhere else in the United States.



Portland Maine

Maine is also a target of legal weed advocates. Pot is already decriminalized there, and local communities are increasingly voting to legalize on the municipal level. In other words, the culture is ripe for reform.

It’s an open guess whether Rhode Island or Maine will be the first state to bring legal cannabis to the East Coast. It’s already openly available up and down the West Coast, from Anchorage to San Diego. The Eastern states are expected to start adopting legalization within the next couple of years.



Minnesota Marijuana

Back when Minnesota lawmakers were debating medical marijuana, Gov. Mark Dayton – an opponent at the time – told the mother of a disabled boy she should buy his medical weed on the street. It’s that easy to get, he said.

Dayton’s advice was stupid and uncaring, but he was certainly right that it takes little effort to find pot in the North Star State. And for what it’s worth, he’s since come around on MMJ.

No one knows yet when legalization will come to Minnesota, but it could be soon. Because the stuff was decriminalized years ago, this is already a great place to get high and enjoy the snow.




Let’s face it, the very fact that Hawaii is Hawaii makes smoking weed there much better than it would otherwise be. The place smells like tropical flowers, pineapple, and ocean, 24 hours a day.

But it’s also a big haven for potheads, especially Maui. There’s even a “church” on the island dedicated to the wonders of medical marijuana. So if you can handle the occasional long plane ride and the state’s innate distrust of outsiders, this is the place for you. And your bong.



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