Medical marijuana patients and recreational users who would prefer not to smoke marijuana would do well to consider the benefits of taking medibles instead. Medibles – or marijuana-infused edible items – have become increasingly popular over the past several years, particularly among AIDS and cancer patients who may be at increased risk for the negative effects of banana nut loafsmoking. For people who need to ingest marijuana for the beneficial effects but would rather not deal with the negative of cannabis smoke, medibles might just be the best possible solution.

If brownies are the only types of medibles you are familiar with, you might be pleasantly surprised at the sheer variety of food items, deserts, snacks, and treats available with marijuana as a main ingredient. You could even make some of them yourself, and they may just be more appetizing than any brownies you could ever make.

Things You Should Know

Before you begin exploring the wide world of medibles, it would be helpful to realize that ingesting marijuana orally often produces a wider range of effects than that which you could get from smoking cannabis. When you smoke marijuana, the effects will be felt almost immediately. In contrast, the effects will come much more slowly when you ingest marijuana orally. For most people, eating marijuana will also result in more powerful and longer lasting effects. Therefore, when eating medibles for the first time, it might be a good idea to take only a small amount. If you feel that you can manage the effects easily after thirty minutes, you may be able to take a little more.

So why should you take medibles instead of smoking marijuana?

The fact that you won’t be inhaling any smoke is a definite plus in terms of health, of course, but there are many other benefits besides. The more potent effect might be better suited to patients with chronic pain. Furthermore, the effects from medibles last much longer, which might also make it better suited for those who want longer lasting pain relief.


In addition, medibles are much easier to conceal and to take secretly, if that is an issue for you; they are smell-free and look just like regular food.marijuna brownies Finally, choosing medibles means that you and your family don’t have to deal with the negative effects of smoking such as the ashes, the smell, and the secondhand smoke. If smoking marijuana hasn’t exactly been welcome in your home – which is often the case in households with children – medibles might be the only way you can get your medication.

Making Your Own Marijuana Edibles

When preparing marijuana for oral ingestion, it is important to cook it in fat beforehand. The THC in marijuana is a fat-soluble substance, which means that brewing the leaves in water won’t work. Instead, you should cook the marijuana in butter or cooking oil beforehand in order to get the maximum effect. In fact, marijuana-infused butter – also called canabutter – can be used as a base for many types of baked goods. By sautéing the marijuana in butter over low heat, the active ingredient will be infused into the butter, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of medibles.


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