If the words “bake sale” bring to mind images of undercooked brownies, terrible pie, and inedible fruit cakes, try adding marijuana to the mix.

Marijuana EdiblesThe first annual Get Baked Sale opened to vendors and patients in San Francisco in June. For an admission fee of no more than $30 per person, medical marijuana users had access to more than 25 local cannabis companies and their edible products.

MMJ ID was required, and only patients were allowed to partake and leave with products. But the offerings covered a wide range of foods, from THC-infused Doritos (two birds, one stone) and macaroons to flapjacks and ice cream sandwiches. And of course, there were plenty of brownies on hand.

Special demonstrations were held in food pairings and cooking techniques. The event was designed to meet the needs of patients while appealing to the wider stoner community. Organizers said the sale went off without a hitch.

“Everyone came prepared, and the planning went smoothly,” said Morgan Kelly, who organized the event. “We knew the laws, followed them completely, and had permission from the health department.”

No police officers present

Kelly said there were no police officers present during the bake sale, and no complaints were filed. Doctors issued recommendations on the spot, a fact that drew some local attention. But it’s standard practice in California to make weed-friendly physicians available at weed-friendly events.

That doesn’t mean medical marijuana is a farce in the Golden State; most patients have a legitimate need for the drug. But it does highlight the unnecessary sham that is California cannabis law.

Anyone with a doctor’s recommendation can grow marijuana, buy it from dispensaries, and possess it without breaking criminal law. There are legal limits on the amounts of marijuana involved, but they are high and vary from person to person.

marijuana leaf on tableMMJ recommendations highly accessible in California

Of course, it’s incredibly easy to get a recommendation in California. They are openly sold on the Venice Beach boardwalk in Los Angeles, among other places. And they are easy to find at most weed-themed concerts and expos, especially in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a practical matter, marijuana is already essentially legal in California. Voters won’t have their say until next year’s election, but it’s almost as easy to get pot through the state’s MMJ system as it is to buy it on the legal recreational market in Colorado or Washington State.

The simplest solution is full legalization, statewide. If turnout at the Get Baked sale was any indicator – hundreds of people lined up around the corner to get in – that fix is coming sooner rather than later.


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