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Within a couple of weeks of Massachusetts voting to legalizing marijuana for recreational use, leaders in Rhode Island are already looking to follow suit.

Gov. Gina Raimondo said Tuesday she plans to take a closer look into the issue after voters in Massachusetts approved a legalization ballot initiative last week.

It’s not about racing to get the foot up on neighboring states, said Raimondo, who is more concerned with getting regulations and safety measures in place.

Rhode Island look to follow Massachusetts lead

Democratic House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello has expressed his readiness to move forward with legislation next year. Legal weed will soon become available in Massachusetts. If Rhode Island does not legalize, the state will face the issue of its residents crossing the Massachusetts border for legal marijuana, but without the tax revenue to address it.

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio has said he is also preparing to act.

Recreational marijuana use becomes legal in Massachusetts as of Dec 15, 2016, but the drug will not become available in stores until at least 2018.


Have you heard of THC wax? If not, you really haven’t been paying attention. THC wax is all the rage these days – all the cool kids are trying it, and you don’t know what you’re missing.

Had enough of the sales pitch? We won’t press it any more. But we will tell you how to make THC wax. It’s pretty easy, though it can be very dangerous if you don’t do it right.

Before you start, you should know what THC wax is. It’s a concentrated form of marijuana, with other consistencies including oil, bubble, and shatter. It’s usually smoked using an “oil rig,” though it can also be dabbed onto a bowl of weed or rolled into a joint. The high is intense and long-lasting.

How to Make THC Wax

How to Make THC Wax

The first step in making THC wax is to gather your supplies: dried, ground marijuana; an “extractor” made out of PVC piping; one or two canisters of butane; a Pyrex glass container; a hot plate; an extension cord; a double boiler; some single-edged razor blades; and parchment paper.

Next, prepare your extractor. This is a plastic cylinder, usually made of PVC, that you can buy at any head shop. It’s closed on one end and has a plastic cap screwed onto the other. The cap has several holes in it, while the top end has one small hole. You’ll also want a filter under the cap – a coffee filter cut to size works fine.

Fill your extractor with marijuana

Now remove the cap and fill the extractor with your pot. It should be dried and ground, finely but not too finely. You want enough air in there so the sprayed butane can saturate everything.

Soak your marijuana in butane

Then screw the cap back on. Take a butane canister, insert the nozzle into the single hole at the top of the extractor, and spray. A green-brown-black oil will drip out of the holes in the cap into your Pyrex container. Spray butane until no more oil drips from the extractor; usually this will be one or two full canisters.

This part is absolutely critical: Spray the butane outside. Any indoor spark – a pilot light, a cigarette lighter, a fan motor coming to life – could ignite an explosion, level your house, and burn you alive. It has happened, more than a few times.

Evaporate off the solvent

Once you follow that precaution, take your hot plate, connect it to an extension cord, and bring all that outside as well: The same risk of explosion holds here. Heat the plate, fill the bottom of the double boiler with water, and bring it to a boil.

Now place the Pyrex container in the top portion of the boiler. The idea is to boil off the liquid butane so you’re left with a pure, sticky resin containing almost nothing but THC wax. This should take at least an hour and a half. Make sure every bubble of butane is gone, as it’s a chemical you don’t want to smoke.

Remove and store your THC wax

Use your razor blades to scrape the warm resin out of the container and place it on small pieces of parchment paper. Now fold these up to store the oil, or else remove it to a non-stick THC wax container using a dabber (also purchased at a head shop).

And that, in a word, is how to make THC wax. Once you know how to do it, you’ll finally be able to join the cool kids.


Odds are, if you’ve been paying attention, you have heard of shatter by now. A concentrated form of marijuana, shatter produces an intense, long-lasting high that’s all the rage these days.

But how to smoke shatter? And what is it, exactly?

Shatter is a consistency of concentrated marijuana. Other forms include wax, oil, and bubble. As long as you take the appropriate precautions, it’s relatively easy to make – and smoke.

The idea behind shatter is that you soak ground weed in a chemical solvent – alcohol or butane, usually – and then boil off the solvent in a hot water bath. This leaves a thick, sticky resin loaded with potent THC.

How to Smoke Shatter
Mahatma Platinum Shatter

How to Smoke Shatter

There are a few ways to smoke shatter, but one is more popular than the others: the “oil rig.” This is a glass pipe, similar to a bong, that includes a vertical chamber, a mouthpiece, and a hole where you insert a small “nail” made of metal or glass.

Once the nail is glowing red, you use a metal “dabber” (purchased at any head shop), scoop up a small drop of shatter, and “dab” it onto the nail. The oil will combust instantly, creating a thick plume of smoke that you inhale through the rig.

There can be a fair amount of oil left on your nail after each dab, giving you two options. You could continue to blast the nail with your torch until all the shatter has been burned up – a sure way to waste some of it – or you could wait until the goop is clogging your rig, soak the pipe in alcohol, boil the alcohol away, and then scrape up the remaining oil. Now just dab again.

Smoking Shatter without a Rig

There are two other ways to smoke shatter. First, you could fill a bowl halfway with ground pot, drop a dab onto the weed, fill the rest of the bowl, and spark up. This prevents open flame from touching the shatter and burning off much of the THC before it reaches your lungs.

Alternatively, you could dab some oil into a joint as you roll it. Keep the shatter away from the end of the joint, as, again, you don’t want to touch it with a flame.

And that, in a word, is how to smoke shatter. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should. If you have, you already known you should try shatter again!


Once upon a time, marijuana grew exclusively outdoors. The cannabis plant, discovered millennia ago on the slopes of the Hindu Kush Mountains, is a tropical native and requires two to three months of intense sunlight before flowering.

Marijuana CulitvationBut that is no longer true. Pot growers turned their sights indoors last century and started a cultivation revolution. Now most of the best stuff is grown out of the sun, fueled instead by high-power artificial lights.

So what exactly is a high-end grow house? What does it look like, from the outside and in? How does it work? And what are the risks of cultivating large amounts of marijuana inside?

First, a definition. A grow house is pretty much what it sounds like: a home converted into use as an indoor marijuana garden.

Any house can work for the job, though the size of the property will determine the scope of the grow. So will other factors, including access to electricity, structural integrity, and fire hazards.

A large-scale grow house involves an elaborate setup. Certain rooms or common areas in the house are set aside for growing while the remaining space is used for either occupancy or equipment storage.

Silverpeak Valley High Valley farm has set the bar high for marijuana cultivation.

Core elements of cultivation

There are two key elements of an indoor grow (or, for that matter, an outdoor grow): electricity and water. Nutrients, soil, and other pieces of the puzzle are also important, but without water and power there can be no cannabis.

The central issue for most growers, though, is electricity. Water sources are usually fairly easy to locate, but power needs are often problematic.

There are two reasons for this. First, the amount of electricity needed to power a large grow is substantial, and that means a heavy cost. Second, for growers who live in states where cultivation is illegal, the electricity can give a big operation away to the power company, and in turn to the police.

This is why many home growers try to circumvent the power system by jury-rigging electrical wires. This is a very, very, very bad idea. Homemade electrical connections are a huge fire risk, and more than a few grow houses have burned to the ground for that reason.

Of course, a legitimate cultivation site won’t run into this problem. But most cannabis grows still aren’t legal, so stealth may be important. Still, messing with power supply is highly inadvisable.

What else is needed?

Aside from power and water, what are the physical components of a successful high-end home grow?

First, growers need powerful lights. These are typically high-pressure sodium (HPS), fluorescent, or LED lights, used along with reflectors and electric ballasts. Second, growers need fans to circulate air and prevent overheating that could damage plants and start fires.

A successful grower will also require pots; soil or hydroponic equipment; nutrients or fertilizer; and tools for germinating seeds, planting them, overseeing vegetative growth, and finally harvesting the cannabis.

Another key part of the job is concealing the grow. This might be done to avoid legal scrutiny, but more importantly, it keeps neighbors happy and avoids exposing children to marijuana.

News stories about grow houses tend to focus on the illegality and danger. But in fact, if done with sharp attention to safety, a grow house can be a highly effective way to grow cannabis.

The takeaway, then, is that a high-end grow house requires massive personal and financial investments. Overlook details and the garden simply won’t produce quality pot. But done right, a properly converted home provides an effective way to grow the drug and provide it to the masses.


Jason Harris, owner of Jerome Baker Designs, is one of the forefront names in glass culture. The name ‘Jerome Baker’ is a pseudonym that stemmed from a joke among friends. ‘Jerome’ comes from Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and ‘Baker’… well, that one’s a little more obvious.

Jerome Baker DesignsThere is no denying that Jason Harris is a true pioneer in the world of pipe making. An apprentice of Bob Snodgrass – the man thought to have invented color-changing glass – Jason Harris has learned from the best.

Along with many other prominent glass blowers, Jason Harris was a victim of ‘Operation Pipe Dreams’, a nationwide raid on the glass industry. Unlike Tommy Chong, Harris managed to avoid spending any time in jail.

Needless to say, the mass bust caused a storm of controversy. At the same time, however, it also contributed to the growth of the industry.  Interest grew in pipe making, and the glass-blowing movement evolved into an unconventional, innovative form of art. Things have sure come a long way since the early days of Bob Snodgrass and Jason Harris making pipes in the back of a van.

We were fortunate enough to have Jason Harris take part in an interview, exclusively for Stoner Things, in which we gain an interesting insight into the life of a world-class glass-blower.


How long have you been blowing glass?

25 years

What inspired you to start?

I was always drawn to the super-cool qualities in glass! It was really cool to look at and I never could imagine how it was made. I had the unique opportunity to meet this old dude that lived over in the next town to me – Glenwood, Oregon. He lived in an old trailer with his whole family and he even had this cool rabbit cage out back where he would grow and harvest the rabbits to cook the best stew you ever ate. He also had this wagon that had a little herb garden in it. He would pull it around the yard to keep the slugs off of it. This little old dude is Bob Snodgrass. I was drawn to him not only because he was just the epitome of cool but he could make glass like I had never seen before. He and his son, Bob Jr., had a crazy little shop in the back room of the trailer and they would stay back there all day making these incredible glass pipes. This was just the most awesome thing that I had ever been a part of and I just had to get to know more!

Have you taken any classes? What was the most memorable?

I have taken all kinds of glass-inspired classes. I think that it is an essential part of a modern glass craftsman to do. Learning from others and modifying ancient techniques to call your own is what it’s all about. Why reinvent the wheel? I get perturbed at young glass artists that shun the institution of glass education. I recommend that all glass artists attend the Pilchuck Glass School at least one time in their journey; it’s one of the most important glass education centers in the world.

Any names you’d like to drop for mentoring you?

Bob Snodgrass, Cameron Tower, Chris Shave, Dale Chihuly, Dante Marioni, Paul Trautman

What is your torch of choice?

Different torches for different applications

Do you blow glass every day?

I blow glass or handle glass every single day.

Do you work best during the day or night?

I work best in the morning!

What’s your favorite music to jam to while you work?

I listen to Pandora Radio, Fat Freddy’s Drop – the best!

What do you think will be the next trend of glass blowing?

The next trend in glass will go back to fuming.

What’s your favorite piece to make; or what are you well known for?

My favorite piece to make currently is my 2-piece pipe.

Do you participate in collabs with your peers?

I do collaborations with as many artists as I can keep organized with!

What will we see from you next? Any projects or shows in the works?

You are about to see the release of my new film – Pipe Dreams.

Do you have a favorite online glass community?

I love the Talk Glass community – also love my Facebook fan site:

What other activities do you spend your time doing?

I surf in any free time that I get.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to an aspiring glass blower?

I would advise you to always turn off the propane when you leave the shop!

Be sure to check out JBD’s Instagram feed, loaded with sick photos and vidoes, and the trailer for his new movie, below.

Pipe Dreams Trailer from jason harris on Vimeo.


Smoking weed is often a social activity, with groups of people congregating around their special herb. Whether it is a bong or a joint being passed around, there is just something about weed that brings people together.

Stoner EtiqueteThat being said, there are certain rules and codes of behavior that determine acceptance into a smoking circle. Most of the rules tend to be of the unwritten/unspoken variety, but they are usually taken very seriously. Some things are simply forbidden in the social world of the pot smoker, and some activities that are looked upon with great disfavor by the collective smoking community.

If you don’t want to be “that guy” who harshes everyone’s mellow with your uncouth behavior, check out these breaches of pot etiquette that you don’t want to be caught doing.

Talking too much

Talking too much is a sure sign of a noob. Nobody likes it, and nobody appreciates it. You don’t have to maintain a strict code of silence while smoking of course, but it would be best to keep the chatter to a minimum.

Slobbering on the joint or pipe

This is another sign of a rank amateur. Make sure you don’t get the joint or the mouthpiece of the pipe wet with your saliva. There is nothing worse than being passed a joint only to find that it is soaking wet when you put it in your mouth.

Coughing too much

Again…noobsville. Everyone coughs from time to time, but for Cheech’s sake, get a hold of yourself. Not only will excessive coughing draw attention to your little group, but it will also bug everyone else.

Holding on to the pipe or joint

Don’t bogart that joint/pipe/whatever. Everyone is smoking up for the same reason you are, and holding on to the weed past your reasonable turn is just unacceptable. When in doubt, follow the “puff, puff, pass” rule.

Cutting into the line

In some parts of the world, the general rule is to “pass the dutchie ‘pon the left hand side”. You can specify your own rotational direction of course, but the point is to keep it going in a circle, without hold up at any point. Passing a joint to the wrong person and accepting the joint out of turn are both equally unacceptable.

Repeatedly saying how stoned they are

Yes, we get it. You are stoned…that’s pretty much the point isn’t it? ‘Nuff said.

Messing up the joint

Simply put…if you can’t roll properly, pass on the job to someone else who’s got the skills. Learn to roll on your own time and with your own weed. You should also make sure that the joint is still in a smokeable condition when you pass it on.

Bumming off everyone else

Weed is meant to be shared, but don’t abuse the privilege. If you smoke in a group, be prepared to shell out from time to time.

Filching lighters

What is it about pot smokers and lighters? Either you’re losing them or picking them up. it can be a challenge to keep track of lighters of course, but do resist the urge to hold on to lighters that aren’t yours.



Name any drug at all, and chances are that a subculture has been developed around it. Of all these however, few are as predominant as stoner culture. Perhaps because cannabis is the most commonly used of all psychoactive substances, there have been numerous practices, rituals, and rules of etiquette that have been established around marijuana use. Among these, “puff, puff, pass” is one of the most commonly practiced, and most strictly enforced.

“Puff, puff, pass” is simply a procedure by which marijuana is smoked. In a group, each person who is passed the joint gets to take two puffs – and two puffs only – before being required to pass the joint to someone else in the group.

The specified number of hits before having to pass the joint is especially important, as it determines the approximate amount of marijuana a person can smoke before having to pass the joint to another person. This ensures that everyone gets roughly the same high from the joint. Of course, someone is bound to get a turn more than the others, but this is about as close as you can get to dividing the joint fairly short of cutting it up into equal pieces!

Deeply-rooted law of marijuana etiquette

People who do not adhere to the guidelines established by “puff, puff, pass” tend to be looked upon with disfavor by the people in the immediate vicinity, and by most people in the stoner culture in general. Offenders of the “puff, puff, pass” rule can be anybody, regardless of age or experience. There are also quite a few ways by which the rule can be violated. Here are some examples:

Taking more than two puffs – This is the most common violation of the “puff, puff, pass” rule. These people either do not care about giving everyone else equal share of the joint, or are simply inexperienced with stoner etiquette. In any case, a gentle reminder to only take the requisite number of puffs is warranted. Repeat behavior warrants exclusion from the succeeding rounds.

Failing to pass the joint after taking two puffs – These people take the prescribed number of puffs but fail to pass the joint to the next person. This leads to wastage of good smoke and less THC to go around as most of it dissipates into the air. Oftentimes, the people who do this are too busy talking their heads off to realize that other people are waiting to “puff, puff, pass” too. As with those who take more than two puffs, the recommended action is a gentle reminder, with subsequent offenses requiring stricter measures.

Delaying between puffs – These people simply take too long between puffs. There really isn’t any good reason to do this, and it leads to waste of good weed. If combined with failure to pass the joint after finally taking the second puff, this is probably one of the most severe breaches of etiquette in stoner culture. For people guilty of such an offense, exclusion from most pot circles is almost certain!


Struggling to get through the midweek hump that is the typical workweek Wednesday? Fear not! There is always #weedwednesday to look forward to, and what we have in store for you will surely lift the doldrums, clear the cobwebs, and otherwise make the week a lot more tolerable!

It’s the Happy Daddy Ti Globfather, which is perhaps one of the most useful accessories you could own as a dedicated dabber. Even if you already have a good selection of dabbing tools, Happy Daddy’s Ti Globfather will undoubtedly be a useful addition. Check it out below and come back next week for another #weedwednesday giveaway!

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Happy Daddy Ti Globfather: An Essential Dabbing Tool

happy daddy globfatherHaving trouble managing your oils and concentrates? Happy Daddy’s Globfather is here to help! Specifically designed for scooping up sizeable portions of concentrates, the Globfather can help you deal with the mess and fuss that is a typical part of the whole dabbing experience.

As enjoyable as dabbing may be, the challenges involved in taking the dab out of the container, placing it onto the nail of the dabbing rig, and generally making a mess in the process are definite drawbacks. The Globfather ensures that you can dab much more neatly and more efficiently, making it an essential part of your toolbox.

Durable construction

Made from high-grade titanium, the Globfather measures 4” and is equipped with a large scoop at one end that you will use for most tasks. On the other end is a curved blade that provides additional functionality for more intricate work. You can use the scoop for taking wax out of your container, for instance, and then the blade for actually placing the dab onto the nails or skillet of your dabbing rig.

Using the Globfather is as easy as can be. Happy Daddy advises that the Globfather be dipped into oil at a 45° angle, but you can position it however you see fit. Preheating your vaporizing unit is also recommended, as it will allow you to vaporize the dab much more efficiently.

Ultimate versatility

One thing you will appreciate about the Globfather is that it provides enough length for you to handle most dabbing tasks, but it isn’t long enough to be unwieldy or awkward during use. This can be especially useful if your rig is equipped with a deep nail, which can be difficult to use without burning yourself.

The Globfather greatly enhances the versatility of your rig, allowing you to use a wider variety of concentrates than you are normally able to use. CO2 crumble is a lot easier to manage for instance, and shatter – a notoriously difficult form of concentrate to manage – practically jumps onto the nail. Built to last and ideally suited for daily use, the Globfather makes the already enjoyable process of dabbing even more rewarding.

Legal Smoke Shop


Tangerine Dream Review

tangerine dream

Looking for a full-bodied sativa-dominant hybrid that can energize you or sedate you depending on how large your dose is? Tangerine Dream is tailor-made for you, and you might just be on to one of the most versatile strains you can come across. With its unique combination of flavors, aroma, and physical and mental effects, the aptly-named Tangerine Dream is capable of delivering a truly memorable experience.

Although the name ‘Tangerine Dream’ is partly inspired by the dreamy ambient synthesizer band from the 1970s that has undoubtedly inspired thousands of trips, the strain may just as easily have been named for the fruit. With its characteristic orange hairs and pleasantly powerful citrus smell, Tangerine Dream shares more than just a name with the delectable fruit. And once you take a good lungful of the fragrant and flavorful smoke, the tangy exhale will make you feel almost as if you had taken a bite out of a juicy tangerine.

Sativas are often better suited for recreational purposes, as they tend to provide a more focused and clear-headed high. For medical purposes, indicas are typically preferred due to their sedative effects. Although it is a sativa-dominant hybrid, Tangerine Dream actually makes a great choice for medicating due to its pain-relieving qualities. Nevertheless, it leaves you feeling energized and even euphoric, making it one of the most versatile strains around. Keep in mind that substantial amounts can keep you glued to your couch and even knock you out, but judicious use will reward you with a totally satisfactory experience.

Find out about more interesting strains at Marijuana Strains Review.

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The giveaways keep coming on fast and furious at #weedwednesday, and do we have something cool for you this week! It’s called the Wulf Tundra, and it may just change the way you view vaping forever!

This week’s prize is only the latest in a long line of fabulous giveaways that have made #weedwednesday one of the most eagerly anticipated promotions of its kind on the Internet today. Read the review below to find out more about the Wulf Tundra and check back next week for another cool #weedwednesday prize!

How to Win

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The Wulf Tundra is vaporizer perfection!

Wulf TundraWith so many high-quality vaporizers available on the market today, new models can be easy to overlook. This is definitely not the case with the Wulf Tundra, which practically begs you to pick it up and take it for a spin! Billed as a dry herb vaporizer, the Wulf Tundra is a marvel of simplicity and portability, eschewing the current trend towards tall, bulky, and multi-featured devices. If your taste in vaporizers tends toward the lean, mean, and portable, the Wulf Tundra fits the bill perfectly.

Comes with a useful accessories kit

The Wulf Tundra comes in a kit that offers everything you could possibly want – or need –  in order to ensure a totally satisfactory vaporizing experience. A useful cleaning tool is provided that keeps your vaporizer spotlessly clean at all times. A mini-USB charger ensures that the Wulf Tundra is always charged up and ready to go. The box also comes with 5 mouthpiece tips for entertaining friends, and 5 replacement screens.

Speaking of the box, you might want to hold onto it, as aside from providing handy storage for the Wulf Tundra, it contains some very useful directions for operating your vape. In fact, the directions printed on the box’s bottom are quite a bit more helpful than the printed manual that comes with the package, so it is a good idea to hold on to it as you familiarize yourself with your unit.

Heats up in one minute

When using the Wulf Tundra, you will first have to set it to the desired temperature and let it heat up for about a minute. You will then have to push the button to turn on the heat, and push it again to turn it off. Once you reach the ideal temperature, you can go ahead and take a hit.

In many ways, the Wulf Tundra is more like a plug-in vaporizer than a vaporizer pen. It can quickly get pretty hot, so cooling it down between loads is advisable. With temperature ranges from 360°F to 420°F, you should be able to find the setting that best suits your needs.

All in all, the Wulf Tundra provides excellent performance in a durable and reliable package. For vaporizing on-the-go and even at home, you can’t go wrong with this unique and interesting model. You can grab a Wulf Tundra at Legal Smoke Shop.

Check out this useful video showing how the Wulf Wundra works.

XXX OG Strain Review

XXX OGWith a name like that, you can bet that XXX OG is a strain to be reckoned with! Delivering a heavyweight’s knockout punch, this amazingly potent strain also has a sweet and minty aroma that amazingly gives way to an earthy, coffee-like flavor when smoked. Capable of more than just power and potency, XXX OG can be remarkably subtle when it needs to be.

The appearance of the bud alone is enough to impress. With dense and sticky buds covered in rich, fuzzy trichomes, pointy leaves, and a beguiling green and orange hue, XXX OG looks like it means serious business. As impressive as its appearance may be, however, it is when you fire it up that XXX OG truly shows off its remarkable properties.

Like all indicas, XXX OG has a definitive body-oriented high, making it ideally suited for inducing sleep, enhancing relaxation, and relieving pain. That being said, the strain does not leave you feeling drowsy and sluggish as most indicas tend to do, giving you a clear and focused high that keeps you alert and clear-headed even as it relaxes you. If you want the medicating properties and powerful body high of a good indica, but want to retain the clarity and focus necessary to perform routine tasks, you can’t go wrong with XXX OG.

Even if you prefer sativas for the clean and clear ‘head’ high, XXX OG is well worth checking out. With its winning combination of flavor, aroma and potency, this is one strain that you will want to come back to again and again.

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It’s Wednesday once again, and if you’ve been tuning in for the past several weeks, you know that this can only mean one thing. That’s right…its #weedwednesday once again! The most fabulous, most generous, and most stoner-rific giveaway on the internet, #weedwednesday offers you the chance win some truly awesome prizes.

As impressive as our previous giveaways have been, we have to say we’ve really outdone ourselves this time with the 420 Science Pack, including a wax wallet, scope, and jar! Read on to find out more about this handy and useful package, and how you can get your hands on one!

How to Win

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Get Your Own 420 Science Pack

420 Science is a company that should be familiar to anyone that has a taste for high-quality, high-performance herbal accessories. After all, the company has built much of its reputation off a slew of unique and interesting products, many of which have set standards for innovation, efficiency, and sheer coolness. Suffice it to say, if you know your weed accessories, there is a good chance that more than a few of your items are produced by 420 Science.

With the company’s stellar reputation in mind, we turned our attention to the 420 Science Pack, which brings together some of the company’s finest products in one enticing package. Comprised of a wax wallet, a scope, and a jar, the 420 Science Pack offers everything that you could possibly need in order to ensure a totally satisfying experience. You’d have to supply your own bud of course–as well as a suitable ingestion device–but the 420 Science Pack provides everything else.

420 science wax walletWax Wallet

Let’s start off with the wax wallet. One of the company’s most popular products, the wax wallet keeps your oils, waxes, or other concentrates in a nice and tidy container. Featuring a hinged clamshell design, the wax wallet couldn’t be easier to use, and is really quite handy. Made with food-grade silicon, the wax wallet is built to last.

420 science scopeScope

The 420 Science Pack also contains a 420 Science scope, which is essential for getting the most out of your stash. With 100x magnification, the scope enables you to examine your buds with precision, allowing you to detect mold growth or identify trichomes, and helping you determine the best time to harvest. If you are serious about the quality of your weed, having a 420 Science scope is essential.

strain containJar

Finally, the 420 Science Pack comes with one of the company’s own famous stash jars. Much of the company’s renown is built on this product line alone, and it is easy to see why. Precision crafted from the finest materials available, these jars keep your herb as fresh and flavorful as the day the buds were picked. As with everything else, 420 Science takes bud storage to a whole new level, and these jars are the perfect examples of the company’s standard of excellence.


Guido Strain Review

guidoAmong the indica strains and indica-dominant hybrids, the most common characteristics are typically a powerful sedative effect and a definitive body high. Guido is an indica through and through – of that there is no doubt – but this fascinating strain brings some other interesting and welcome properties into the mix. If you can get hold of this somewhat rare strain, you are definitely in for a memorable experience.

Pinnacle of indica hybridization

In a sense, Guido can be said to be the pinnacle of indica hybridization, considering its proud lineage. A crossbreed of the renowned Platinum and Bubba strains, Guido delivers all the best qualities of both. Fans of Bubba will especially enjoy this hybrid, with its superbly smooth smoke and authoritative buzz. If you like it heavy like only a Bubba can get, Guido will not disappoint.

A blend that works well

One of the qualities that set Guido apart from most other indica strains is how it keeps users pleasantly buzzed for hours without making them nod off. Like all good indicas, Guido will knock you out if you aren’t careful, but moderate amounts spread out over a couple of hours will give you an invigorating high that combines the heavy sedating effect of an indica and the euphoria, sociability, and creativity more commonly associated with sativas. It is these characteristics that make Guido such a fascinating strain, and you will definitely appreciate the novelty of the complementary sensations.

In terms of flavor, Guido again bucks the indica trend, with a surprisingly sweet and fruity taste more reminiscent of a good sativa. For this quality alone, Guido is definitely worth checking out.

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