If you haven’t had the pleasure of using an e-nail yet, you are definitely missing out. As enjoyable and rewarding as the best titanium-based oil rigs can be, e-nails take things to a whole new level of convenience and efficiency. With a reliable e-nail, you get all the benefits that a titanium or quartz nail can provide, but with the added benefits of safety and convenience.

If you’ve already been using an e-nail in your own rig, you already know just how satisfying the experience can be. If you haven’t yet, you are definitely in for a treat!

e-nailE-nails work in pretty much the same way as the titanium nails used in standard dabbing rigs. Dabbing basically involves placing some type of herbal concentrate in wax or oil form on a nail, which is electronically heated prior to application with the electronic heating system. As the dab is applied to the red-hot surface of the nail, it vaporizes instantly, releasing its active ingredients into smoke which is drawn through the chamber of the rig and inhaled via the mouthpiece.

For an experienced user, taking a hit takes only a few seconds, not counting the minute or so it takes to heat up the nail to optimal vaporizing temperatures, of course. It will probably take a few tries before novice users can get the process down pat, but the intricacies involved in getting a hit quickly becomes second nature for many users. That being said, there is one significant obstacle that could potentially get in the way of enjoying dabbing fully: the use of the blowtorch.


No more need for a blowtorch

greenlightPortable blowtorches are handy and definitely useful for a dabber. But the open flame and extremely high temperatures pose a significant fire and safety risk, particularly in the typical household. For those who want to enjoy the benefits of dabbing but don’t necessarily want to be operating a blowtorch inside the house, an e-nail is the most feasible alternative.

E-nails do away with the need for a blowtorch by coming equipped with its own heating source. Similar to standard vaporizer designs, e-nail rigs require only a press of a button in order to heat the nail to optimal vaporizing temperature. This usually takes only a couple of minutes at most, and the concentrate can be applied to the nail in the typical dabbing fashion.

E-nails provide numerous benefits

Why opt for an e-nail over the traditional oil rig? The safety benefit is paramount, and you will find that being able to dab without having to fire up a blowtorch is itself enough justification to switch. E-nails also provide much more control over the temperature, resulting in more flavorful hits and reduced wastage.

Over the past couple of years, the e-nail market has virtually exploded with a slew of high-performance models. Some of the more interesting e-nails on the market are the Yo Dabba Dabba Digital E-nail, the Crane Pro E-nail System, the G9 E-nail, and the D-Nail Electronic Nail.

1.   Yo Dabba Dabba Digital E-nail – A solid and reliable model, offering excellent performance and unparalleled efficiency. It fits into male or female joints sized 10 mm, 14 mm, and 19 mm.

2.   The Crane Pro E-nail System – One of the finest e-nails on the market today. Crafted from high-quality materials and components, the Crane Pro, has been released in a V2 version that offers improved performance and efficiency.

3.   Green Light’s G9 E-nail – Delivers one of the most flavorful dabbing experiences you can hope for. It perfectly retains the flavor of your herbal concentrates, providing a totally smooth hit.

4.   D-Nail Electronic Nail – This is the latest (2.0) in the series of D-Nails. It maintains a consistent temperature throughout, provides a smooth inhale and provides a pungent aroma.


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