There are many reasons why people smoke marijuana: for managing pain, dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy, easing the effects of certain health conditions… the list goes on and on. But perhaps one of the most interesting benefits of marijuana has to do with how it can enhance creativity and spur the imagination. For many people, lighting up is part and parcel of the creative process, and its effects in terms of generating new ideas and seeing old ones in a new light cannot be discounted.

Of course, there are certain strains of marijuana that are more effective than others in this regard. In fact, some strains won’t provide nearly the same result as others, and some will even have the opposite effect. If you are interested in checking out the most effective marijuana strains for boosting creativity, this list is a good place to start.

Blue Lights
Blue Lights

Blue Lights

A hybrid that is quite popular for its flavor, appearance, and medicinal value, Blue Lights is a good choice for those looking for a smoke that inspires creativity. This particular strain can also be beneficial for reducing anxiety.


A Sativa of the highest quality, Shaman may just help you unlock the hidden powers of your mind as its name suggests. It is also used for treating depression, anxiety, and for the management of chronic pain.


Hailing from the southeast African region of Salima, Malawi is a Sativa strain that is about as pure as they come. Aside from boosting creativity, this strain can be an effective aid against depression.

Grapefruit Haze

A hybrid that has proven medicinal value for dealing with anxiety, Grapefruit Haze is a wonderful strain characterized by a distinctive blend of fruity and spicy flavor notes. A Sativa dominant hybrid, Grapefruit Haze gives off a noticeably cerebral high that could be just the thing to kick your imagination into overdrive.

Fire OG

With a THC of a whopping 20%, Fire OG is every bit as powerful as they come. A hybrid with a remarkably fiery appearance befitting its name, this is one of the most potent OG strains that you will ever come across. In addition to being a creativity booster, this strain is also useful for treating insomnia.

Fire OG
Fire OG


Another hybrid that can be a great creativity booster, Earthquake packs a powerful enough punch to make it suitable for a wide variety of uses as well. Useful for more than just boosting creativity, Earthquake can also be an effective aid against anxiety.

Jah Kush

The superbly named Jah Kush is a favorite choice for numerous reasons, not the last of which is its ability to combat depression. A hybrid that has a remarkably potent quality, this could be just what you need to take your creativity to the next level.

Maple Leaf Indica

With a sweet and citrusy flavor and a powerful buzz, Maple Leaf Indica has enough qualities to make it a great choice no matter what you are looking for in your herb. It is also a great creativity booster, and has aphrodisiac and stress relieving qualities as well.


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