Who in their right mind doesn’t love legalization? Even people who never touch the stuff seem to think weed should be legal, and even the people who oppose that idea seem to think legal weed is coming their way anyway.

Some aspects of legalization are better than others, though. And that calls for a list. Here, then, are the six best things about legal marijuana.

You Don’t Have to Hide the Munchies


How many times have you wanted to suck down a pizza whole but held back because you thought that kind of overindulgence might look sketchy, might give you away?

With weed now legal in Colorado and Washington (and soon in other places, probably), there’s no need to hide the munchies or even explain them. In places like Seattle and Denver, a voracious appetite is now as acceptable as the dope that causes it.

You Can Be Stoned Whenever You Want

American flag marijuana joint

Instead of lurking behind the IMAX theater while you inhale some pre-movie entertainment, wouldn’t you rather just stand out in the open and toke like a lady or gentleman?

This goes for family gatherings, too. It’s to be expected that at least one relation will get drunk and belligerent, so why can’t others get high and relaxed?

Life Is Chill

Marijuana Couchlock

Speaking of mellowing out, a world where marijuana is legal is simply more laid-back, more serene, and more chill than any other place. Stoners get along, we don’t start bar fights, and we see no reason to make a fuss.

Imagine how much better pretty much every daily interaction in life would be if seen through red eyes. Cannabis may not be for everyone, but the positive atmosphere it creates only makes the world a better place.

You Can Be Less Paranoid

Paranoia Face

Every stoner knows the paranoia that can come with smoking weed. The best policy is usually to just ride it out and, if the anxiety isn’t too bad, keep toking.

But legalization makes the experience easier to bear. You may still be paranoid, but at least you don’t have to worry about the cops, your neighbors, or your family.

Dealing with Cops Is a Lot More Amusing

Police Officer - Eye Coordination

If you want a fun but only mildly risky way to spend the day, you couldn’t do better than to blaze and then hang out in a donut shop, or wherever cops go to refuel. If you live in Colorado or Washington, though, you can have even more fun.

Whenever you’re at a big marijuana event, ask the cops if they’d like to share a doobie. Don’t make a habit of it because that’s just obnoxious, but at least you can get a cheap thrill out of it.

You Don’t Have to Ask People if They’re Cool

Dazed and Confused

Black market marijuana has its own jargon, its own language even. Many terms have carried over to the legal market, but some could be on their way to extinction.

“Are you cool?” is ancient lingo for “do you puff?” But when there’s nothing dark, shifty , or illicit about cannabis, that question is no longer necessary. Everyone may not be cool, but it’s cool if you are.


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