Most days, we’ve got nothing but good to say about pot. It treats disease, it stops pain, and it just generally makes the world a better place.

But let’s be honest: Sometimes there are things about weed that kind of piss us off. Not enough to give up the habit, but enough to put a crimp in an otherwise perfect day of puffing.

Here, then, are the worst things about weed.

1. There’s never enough


Whether you buy by the eighth, by the ounce, or by the pound, there never seems to be enough marijuana to go around. This has a lot to do with cost, but it’s also a matter of time. Not everyone has the spare hours to keep their stash topped up.

Unfortunately, there are really only two solutions to this problem, neither very appealing. You could spend more money to buy more weed or you could smoke less weed to save some money. No one said life was fair.

2. It’s too expensive

one dollar marijuana leaf

Pot prices are decent enough if you live on the West Coast, where the drug is legal either practically or by law. But if you live in the Deep South, the Upper Midwest or New England, your weed is almost certainly overpriced.

What’s worse, those of us without access to legal weed have very little selection. It’s almost entirely a matter of what your dealer happens to score on any given day. Sometimes the black market is flooded with your favorite strain while other times you’d have to drive hundreds of miles to find it.

This problem is easily corrected, though; just legalize marijuana everywhere. It’s not like paying high prices is turning us into more productive citizens. It’s just a waste, and the only people who truly benefit are skeezy drug lords.

3. It doesn’t always get you high

Marijuana Joint

This is strictly a matter of tolerance. If you use marijuana often enough for long enough, it won’t pack the same punch it used to. The same effect happens when you drink too much alcohol.

The big difference is that marijuana tolerance isn’t really a sign of anything other than marijuana tolerance. Alcohol tolerance can indicate a serious problem. The same isn’t true with weed.

And thankfully, there’s an answer. Cut yourself off for a while or switch to another strain; either way, there’s a good chance you’ll reset your tolerance level, at least for a short time. That’s why a brand new zip often feels stronger than the old stuff.

4. It’s hard to grow

Potted Marijuana Plants

Growing a successful marijuana plant is no easy task. It’s certainly a lot harder than planting marigolds.

This isn’t the kind of bush that you can sow, water, and otherwise leave alone. Cannabis takes careful attention and a lot of time. It’s also expensive. Even a cheap grow can easily cost a couple hundred dollars.

The payoff is worth it, but it would be nice if nature had given us marijuana and made it easy to grow. But we can’t have everything, so we’ll settle for a few flaws in the world’s greatest plant.


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