Fitting in isn’t easy. That’s just one of the many reasons stoners light up together: We’re a family, a community where potheads will always belong.

But some places are friendlier to stoners than others. Good luck finding fellow pot smokers in Salt Lake City. On the other hand, most of California is a hippie stoner’s paradise.

So here are the easiest places in the United States for tokers to fit in. Check out the scene, make some new friends, and smoke some top-notch weed in a locale where you’re just one of the crowd.



Portland, Maine

Portland Maine

The voters of Maine’s largest city legalized recreational marijuana in 2013. The city is now one of the largest in the country with no penalties for cannabis possession.

The state removed criminal penalties for possession long ago, so the only effective difference for Portland residents is that police no longer give them civil citations for breaking the state possession law. But the vote itself proves Portland is a welcoming place for tokers.

Maine is a good bet for full legalization in the next few years. In the meantime, Portland serves as stoner central for everyone north of Boston. It’s quaint, it’s historic, and there are few places with a better combination of beauty and bud.


Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Evaluation

City officials started cracking down on illicit medical marijuana dispensaries last year, but Los Angeles remains one of the most weed-saturated places in America.

California produces most of the nation’s pot supply, and although most of the growing occurs in Northern California, the retail action is all in the southern portion of the state.

You’ll probably have a harder time finding Los Angelenos who don’t smoke up than those who do. The city is rightly proud of its stoner culture and laid back ways, and you couldn’t find a better place to pass a J.


Denver, Colorado

Denver 420

What does it say about Colorado that its most famous artist spent the better part of his life high?

John Denver was many things, but he definitely wasn’t a model of sobriety. The same can be said of Denver, Col., easily the highest city in America. Pot isn’t just legal in Colorado, it’s a way of life.

Stoners attract other stoners, so it should be easy to find friends in Denver. Hell, a quick trip to the pot shop could put you in touch with the local weed scene.


Providence, Rhode Island

Providence, Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s only major city doesn’t show up on many best-of lists, unless maybe you’re talking about the Mafia or frozen lemonade. But there’s a lot more to Providence than you might think.

Consider, for example, that Rhode Islanders smoke more weed per person than anyone else in the United States. And though the drug is decriminalized, it isn’t yet legal, which should tell you something about the dedication of Providence potheads.

Toking in Providence is basically like cracking a Miller anywhere else in the country. They may live in a forgotten state, but these people know how to party.


Seattle, Washington

Seattle Hempfest

If you can’t find a stoner in Seattle, there’s something seriously wrong with you. This is the home of Hempfest, one of the world’s largest pro-cannabis gatherings, and Washington is currently one of just four places where pot is legal in America.

Weed is still badly overpriced at Seattle’s few legal pot shops. However, the cost should fall within a matter of months, and anyway, if you’re there as a tourist, odds are pretty good you can afford it.

Washington stoner culture is similar to what you’ll find in Colorado or California, but with plenty of local twists. The people of Seattle are incredibly friendly, and that goes for the city’s stoners, too. Surely you can find a local willing to hook you up or share a puff.


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