For those in the know, vaporizers are some of the hottest items in the marijuana accessories market today. Offering a number of advantages over traditional smoking implements, vaporizers allow you to get all the beneficial effects of marijuana without having to subject your bud to the combustion process. If you want all the benefits that marijuana can provide without the harmful effects of smoke, vaporizing is the way to go.

But which vaporizer should you go for? With so many different makes and models available on the market, it can be quite a challenge to figure out which vaporizers are worth the investment. And you definitely want to make an informed decision, as some of the models available can cost a lot of money. To help you find the ideal model, we present here some of the finest vaporizers available on the market today.

Extreme Q

Extreme Q Vaporizer Kit

Extreme Q is a uniquely designed tabletop vaporizer of the finest quality. It features a digital clock that allows you to keep track of the internal temperature, and an innovative design that gives you the option to inhale the vapor from a bag or directly from the unit via the included tube. Priced lower than other vaporizers with even less features, Extreme Q provides superior bang-for-the-buck in a quality package.



Volcano is a brand that should be familiar with anyone who knows anything about the vaporizer market. It comes in two varieties: digital and classic. The digital model comes with a temperature display that allows you to monitor the temperature at which your weed is vaporized. The classic model does not have a temperature monitor, but it does have a very precise temperature control. Regardless of which one you go for, you are assured of a totally satisfactory vaporizing experience.


Pax Vaporizer

Manufactured by Ploom, Pax is not quite as fancy as the other high-end vaporizers available on the market. Nevertheless, it does provide superb performance in a handy and convenient package. Pax provides all the features that you could possibly need in a portable vaporizer, and it heats up in less than a minimum for quick vaporizing on-the-go. It also features a generously sized chamber that you could pack with enough bud for most situations.


Volcano Plenty

This model stands out not just for features and performance, but for its stealth factor as well. Designed to look remarkably like a power tool, this is one vaporizer that most people wouldn’t be able to recognize even if they pick it up and give it a once over. Despite its non-descript appearance, the Plenty vaporizer delivers enough vapor to work over a variety of settings. The unique design also somehow makes the vapor it gives off somewhat smoother.

Silver Surfer

silver surfer vaporizer

Manufactured by 7th Floor, the Silver Surfer vaporizer is quality all throughout in terms of construction and features. It gives off a remarkably powerful dose that you would normally expect only from the highest-priced vaporizers on the market. It also features a very precise and very adjustable temporary control that heats up your bud just right.


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