With smoking paraphernalia, seeds, and even marijuana now commonly available on the Internet, it is only natural that smokers would get their information online as well. Nowadays, you could just as easily access information about marijuana online as you would a recipe for corn bread or instructions on how to fix a leaky faucet. If you are looking for grow tips, a dispensary guide, or any information at all related to marijuana, the Internet is the place to look.

Grow Pot Plants

Grow Pot Plants may not win any awards for its name, but what it lacks in creativity it definitely makes up for in depth and breadth of information. The claims to be able to provide information on anything from “seed to smoke”, and a quick glance will show you that this claim is pretty much close to the mark. Offering detailed information delivered in a simple and straightforward manner, Grow Pot Plants aims to make short work of helping you grow some quality weed.


grass city forum logo

Billed as a marijuana portal, GrassCity is maintained by a dedicated team of cannabis professionals that bring a fresh enthusiasm to the online marijuana industry. Operating with the goal of providing the market with a slew of novel smoking accessories, the site provides a safe, smooth, and trouble-free shopping experience that is more enjoyable than you would experience with other sites. Better still, you get loads of information simply by browsing around. In business for more than a decade, GrassCity is one of the most successful virtual head shops on the Internet today.

Shiva Head Shop

If you are looking for a head shop that delivers more than your typical head shop, Shiva might just be the place. The shop offers all the usual stoner paraphernalia and accoutrements of course, but it also carries an extensive line of party supplies, novelty items, and sex toys and accessories. Needless to say, Shiva has all your needs covered no matter what type of party you may have planned. Make sure to check out the smoke section for a wide range of bongs and vaporizers.



Another site with a name drawn from the straight-ahead school of naming conventions, Cannabis-Seeds nevertheless makes up for it with a stupendously wide array of truly high-quality seeds. No matter what type of strain you may have had in mind, Cannabis-Seeds will either have it on stock for you, be able to get it to you shortly, or offer an equally worthy alternative. More than just sheer range of merchandise, the site also offers great prices, quality service, and quick delivery. This could well be the last seed site you will ever need.

buy dutch seeds logoBuy Dutch Seeds

If there is one site that can compare favorably with Cannabis-Seeds, it would have to be Buy Dutch Seeds. Offering a staggering array of quality seeds from all over the world, the company definitely gives Cannabis-Seeds a run for its money. Great service and a superbly laid out website rounds out one of the best sites on the Internet for cannabis growers.


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