Here at Stoner Things, we’re all about bringing you the absolute best information we can. Sometimes that’s breaking news, but just as often it’s making you aware of products that will make smoking much more enjoyable. So here you go, 5 essential marijuana accessories you need but have never even heard of. You’re welcome.


Marijuana Accessories5. Smoke Soap

Uh oh, you’ve just shelled out lots of paper for an epic new pipe or bowl, but after a week of use it needs some cleaning. What do you do? Most solvents out there would be awful on your new piece and you’re not okay with subjecting your latest beauty to anything generic. That’s where Smoke Soap comes in. Set your bowl/tool/accessory in a pan or container and pour in Smoke Soap with equal parts water. Let it soak overnight and your piece will be sparking by morning.


Marijuana Accessories4. Deodorizer Bag

We cannot emphasize enough how awesomely perfect this bag is for herb storage. It’s the perfect marijuana accessory for anyone concerned with discreetness. It’s made of actual charcoal cloth and it eliminates all odors; put whatever is stinking into a plastic bag and put that in the Deodorizer Bag, and you’ll see just how swiftly the smell disappears. The DB stays shut with velcro straps and is small and light enough to fit in a purse or backpack. Perfect for anyone who travels or the medical marijuana patient who wants to be discreet, it’s a steal at $39.95.

Grab it at Deodorizer Bag or Legal Smoke Shop.


Marijuana Accessories3. EZ Pipe

So you’re going to an outdoor concert with friends tonight and you know you’ll be lighting up at some point. You need something small that will fit in your pocket, something convenient and windproof. This is the ideal time to have an EZ Pipe on hand. Great for smoking on the go, the EZ Pipe even has a built-in slot for a lighter. Put one in, pack in your bud and inhale through the side while you light the flame. It’s that simple, and newer models even come with a built-in pick to clean the pipe. This little beauty is only $19.99, so why don’t you have one already?


Marijuana Accessories Doob Tubes2. Doob Tubes

We’ve talked about Doob Tubes before and why one of the must-have marijuana accessories. Yes, that’s two types of storage container in one post, but to be fair both are awesome in different ways. Are you a medical marijuana user who gets pre-rolled medication? You may already be familiar with Doob Tubes then, because medical marijuana dispensaries love them. And why wouldn’t they? Doob Tubes are small, discreet, reusable and completely conceal the smell of what’s inside! Add in the fact that they’re air-tight and water-resistant, how could you not have one? Take your pick of color and design for only $1.75 per tube.

Grab one here.


Marijuana Accessory1. Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter is useful accessory for all smokers, whether it be tobacco, medical marijuana or anything else. Made with a carbon filter (the same kind used in gas masks) that will absorb exhaled smoke, the Smoke Buddy actually eliminates all odors and secondhand smoke other than what comes from your pipe. Take off both caps from the main body, take a hit from your piece and then exhale into the smaller opening at the top of the unit. You’ll be amazed at how the smoke seems to disappear, and friends will be appreciative if you smoke near them. Perfect for dorming, traveling, camping, discrete smoking and anyone who likes being considerate.

The original is only $19.95, so get a Smoke Buddy now!

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  1. I’ve use the smoke soap on my bubbler all the time. When I used to use rubbing alcohol I would get a funny taste.


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