Marijuana makes every day better. It puts a smile on your face. It makes you giggle with joy. It adds a pleasant spin to an otherwise cruel and nasty world.

Not only doesn’t weed do all the evil it’s alleged to do, it improves the world. Indeed, there’s recent evidence that cannabis makes people get along better. With all that good news, it’s amazing how long it’s taken to reform pot law in the United States.

Here, then, are four ways in which marijuana changes our attitudes for the better.

1. It encourages peace

Marijuana Peace Symbol

A study released last year found that couples who smoke pot together experience less domestic violence. The researchers said many pot smokers appear to get an emotional uplift that leads to lowered aggression (though the reduced aggression could also stem from emotional blunting caused by marijuana use).

“Couples in which both spouses used marijuana frequently reported the least frequent” violence, the scientists wrote.

You don’t need to look any further than your neighborhood bar to realize how positive weed can be. Booze frequently leads to assaults, brawls, and even murder. So do hard drugs such as cocaine and meth. People who are high on weed just don’t do those things.

2. It inspires creativity

bob marley art

Some scientists claim marijuana limits creativity, but many users report the opposite. They have plenty of evidence on their side. William Shakespeare; Bob Marley; Rihanna, the list of highly creative stoners is endless.

The science on the subject is mixed: Some reports suggest weed stifles creativity while others say it heightens the creative process. The takeaway seems to be that dope sparks invention in some but not in others.

To each his own, we say. But if weed makes you more creative, by all means, toke away.

3. It soothes anxiety


Cannabis has a strange relationship with anxiety. On one hand, pot can cause anxious paranoia. On the other hand, many users find the drug can smooth the rough edges of chronic anxiety.

It all depends on your emotional chemistry, your emotional reaction to THC, and the type of weed you smoke. Indica marijuana is well known for its ability to lessen anxiety symptoms without generating paranoid worries.

The best way to avoid the anxious jitters is to avoid sativa pot and stick to strains you know work for you. And it can never hurt to cut down on the liquor, the cigarettes, and the coffee – the kind of things that really will give you anxiety.

4. It reduces depression


Anyone who’s ever suffered from depression knows the winter months can be especially dreary. Thankfully you have weed to burn you through until spring.

As with anxiety, the evidence on marijuana and depression is limited. We know marijuana doesn’t cause depression, and we know it doesn’t greatly exacerbate the condition. But we don’t yet know how effective pot is as an anti-depressant.

But if it can’t hurt, there’s always hope it could help. Many people report that they’re able to soldier through depression more easily if they have cannabis on their side. If you’re depressed, you should definitely talk with a doctor who can suggest the right treatments. If marijuana works for you, make it part of your plan!


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