Some people love the holidays. Some people hate them. And most people can only get through them with the help of a tall drink or a cool sack of bud.

But whether you pine for Christmas or dread the endless repetitions of Auld Lang Syne, weed can vastly improve the situation. So here are the four best things about the holiday season for stoners.


The Munchies

Christmas Cookies

Even badly overcooked goose can hit the spot when you have the munchies. You and your family may be terrible in the kitchen – most people are – but stomach pangs fueled by weed can make even the greasiest cranberry sauce appealing.

If there’s one thing all holidays share in common, regardless of season or religion, it’s food, and lots of it. You won’t look the least bit out of place as you scarf down sugar cookies and leftover stuffing all season long.


Marijuana Eggnog


If nothing else redeems the holiday season, there’s eggnog. There really is no other seasonal delight so satisfying, so sweet, so downright horrible for you.

So do something new this year and mix your ‘nog with your pot. It’s a simple recipe. First, make cannabutter. Melt a stick of butter on low heat and add a quarter ounce of weed, stirring slowly at a simmer for about 45 minutes.

Strain the butter through cheese cloth, cool, and it’s ready for use. Now simply mix the cannabutter into a gallon of your favorite eggnog and stir! Scale your recipe depending on how much weed, butter, or eggnog you have on hand.


Marijuana Gifts

Marijuana Stockings

It’s now legal to give weed as a gift in Colorado and Washington State. And that right will likely exist in Alaska and Oregon once those states complete legalization.

So if you’re shopping for your favorite stoner and you just can’t think of anything, give them the gift that really counts: more pot. Or use the holidays as an opportunity to help stock your loved one’s paraphernalia supply.

It may be better to give than to receive, but receiving is also very nice. Hopefully something green will turn up under your tree this year, aside from dead, flammable pine needles.


Good Will

marijuana dealer bag

You never know, Christmas might just get you out of that possession ticket you don’t want to pay. The holidays are the premier time for human kindness and forgiveness.

It’s not like these things are in ample supply for most stoners. We deal with the world’s harsh judgment every day of our adult lives, all for doing something that doesn’t hurt anyone in the first place.

So make use of the good will. And don’t forget to show some yourself: Make it a habit to share your stash during the holidays, if not all year ‘round.


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