Colorado is one of the two states that have not only legalized the sale and use of marijuana for medical purposes, but for recreational use as well. It is therefore understandable to expect that the capital city of Denver–which is also the largest city in the state–would have many excellent places to buy weed. If you are thinking that Denver would be a great place to find some quality bud, you would be right. These fine establishments should be recommended stops when you are in town and in need of some fine herb.

Lodo Wellness Center

1617 Wazee St. #B.


lodo wellness logo

With a serene and calming environment, Lodo Wellness Center is a great place to shop for some fine buds in Denver. In contrast to most other dispensaries in the city, Lodo is surprisingly free of long lines of customers. Along with the Eastern motif and the oriental furnishings and accessories, this gives the place a relaxing and calm atmosphere ideally suited for quiet browsing and shopping. The selection tends toward the sparse side, but the quality more than makes up for it. Lodo Wellness Center also offers a variety of edibles and drinks.


401 16th Street Mall


euflora logo

At first glance, Euflora looks more like a boutique clothing store than a dispensary. The merchandise is enticingly placed in jars set on different tables. The casually disinterested staff serves to emphasize the clothes shop comparison even more, but you quickly forget about clothes when you see what they have on offer. Euflora offers a pretty good selection of high-quality strains, with a few that you won’t find anywhere else in the city. If you are looking for more than just bud, there is also a wide selection of edibles on offer, along with plenty of souvenirs.

Natural Remedies

1620 Market St.

natural remedies logo

From a noticeably casual place that again had a clothes shop vibe, Natural Remedies has evolved into a more sedate and casually stylish dispensary with classy furniture and an attractive brick motif. Of course, most people will be there for the merchandise rather than the décor, so you will be glad to know that Natural Remedies offers a superb selection of some truly high quality buds. Also worthy of mention is the expertise of the staff, which makes shopping an enjoyable and informative experience. Best of all, first time customers get a generous 20% discount.

Good Chemistry

330 E. Colfax

good chemistry logo

Located a short walk from the Colorado Capitol, Good Chemistry is a surprisingly small dispensary. In fact, it is one of the smallest facilities of its kind in the state. But what Good Chemistry lacks in size it more than makes up for in selection and service. With customers coming in and out of the shop constantly, the staff definitely has its hands full. To their credit, the store personnel keep things rolling along smoothly. Good Chemistry also has the advantage of offering high-quality merchandise at great prices, making it one of the better dispensaries in the city.


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